Best Apple laptop for a college Students- macbook pro
Best Apple laptop for college Students- MacBook pro
December 17, 2020
Finding The Right Power Adapter And Cable For Macs
Finding Right Power Adapter And Cable For Macs
December 24, 2020
Top Reasons To Ditch Windows Laptop & Choose MacBook

Earlier, people would simply head to the market and buy a laptop but the times have changed. That’s to say because there is a never-ending debate to choose between PC and Macs even if you are a pro. To begin with, better is indeed subjective. For instance, Macs are famous for their user-friendly features but the long-time Windows laptop user doesn’t feel the same about Macs.

As a result, when people ask someone to opt for a Mac, the first question is always, “why to buy a MacBook?” Well, for this purpose, we have outlined the top reasons why MacBooks win over as compared to Windows laptops. Windows Laptop & Choose MacBook.

Long-Terms Affordability

To begin with, it’s pretty evident that MacBooks comes with an expensive price but it’s not always about the acquisition costs. That’s to say because the users still need to calculate the residual value during trade-in and selling. In contrast, Windows laptops tend to be economical as one can buy them with fewer upfront costs.

Accordingly, this will help users calculate the real worth of the computer. Similarly, if you add in the residual costs, MacBook will win by multiple folds. In brief, when you calculate these values, there won’t be any virtual contest.

Easy Buying

Together with the Windows laptop PCs and MacBook, choosing one can be pretty confusing. In addition, there are hundreds and thousands of PCs available, with varying manufacturers, sizes, features, and whatnot. In the same way, it indeed gets extremely difficult to decipher if you bought the right laptop or not. On the contrary, choosing between MacBooks can be pretty easy. To begin with, you don’t have to wonder about the build quality and features. In the same way, MacBooks have high-end software.

Software Assumptions

In the first place, if you run Microsoft software on MacBook, the interface functionality will be optimal. For this reason, the software assumption will be optimal and the MacBook will offer step-ahead features. On the contrary, it can be pretty annoying. For example, if you press one in Words, the new paragraph will start up by default. To summarize, the functionality will be streamlined.


To begin with, Windows PCs and laptops are always vulnerable to viruses. On the contrary, MacBook users never have to struggle with viruses, malware, or spyware. In particular, we aren’t saying that Macs are completely safe from viruses but it’s a lesser problem for Mac users as compared to Windows users.

Cloud & Time Machine

For everyone who needs higher functionality and storage, Apple has indeed curated it all with the MacBook. Similarly, it’s pretty common that people fill up the storage, and needing the external hard drive will become more important. To begin with, Time Machine will help users create the backup and restore the deleted files. Also, the users have iCloud for uploading the media for easier accessibility. As a result, iCloud data can be accessed through iPad or iPhone, whenever someone wants.

What If Something Goes Wrong?

In the first place, one needs to understand that Microsoft makes the software and everyone is using the software. For example, Sony, Dell, or HP are using the software. In addition, there are third-party drivers and additional peripherals. As a result, if something goes wrong, they always point fingers at each other. On the contrary, if something goes wrong with macOS or MacBook, only Apple is answerable. As a result, fixing up the issue will be easier with MacBook.

OS Updates

For the most part, having access to timely operating system updates is essential. When it concerns MacBook, the OS updates are indeed smooth and are available for free. On the contrary, it seems like Windows has a hard time keeping a similar naming scheme. For instance, they have 98, 2000, CE, XP, Vista, and more. In brief, it curated the scattered approach. As for Apple, they have one name for the updates, aka macOS. Windows Laptop & Choose MacBook. Windows Laptop & Choose MacBook.


Above all, it’s pretty evident that Windows and Microsoft are suitable for the geeks, accrediting to the server infrastructure. In the same way, these laptops are more suitable for people who like to tweak up the settings and experiment with the machines. However, these Windows laptops are only for people who can understand the complications and acronyms. In contrast, Apple doesn’t have a huge IT world and they have designed simple Macs. As a result, the MacBook is a fine choice for people who just want to get the work done!


To illustrate, in the modern age, people are always into style and sleek appearances. To begin with, there are various PC styles out there but none of them can match the elegance and sleek design of MacBooks. Subsequently, MacBooks are simply cool and everyone can second that idea, right?

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