Mac Mini 2018 - A Miniature Macbook Pro!
Mac Mini 2018 – A Miniature Macbook Pro!
February 3, 2020
MacBook – incredible layout and how does it work
MacBook incredible layout and how does it work
October 22, 2020
Why this product of Apple called Mac has a resolute aura in the tech world?

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It has been 35 years since the time Macintosh computers got launched in front of the world. This sole product defined Apple to the world before the time the iPod of iPhones came out. The Mac revolted the history of computer usage and initiated the Apple product line. But there has been no greater technological game-changers other than Macs the world has ever witnessed.

In this article, we would assemble all the astonishing Macs the world has seen since the beginning, so you would get to know why any other computer manufacturer has not yet obtained the same place as the Mac until now.

Radius System 100

The thrilling ride of Apple Mac creation started with the advent of Radius System 100 Mac. This device was brought into notice in the middle of the 1990s and proved to be the very first time Apple began able to give license to any other company to use Mac OS. Other than being a remarkable element in computer history, it was an impeccable Mac too.

Macintosh Portable

This was the most impressive Mac that came to our sight in the early years. However, it was not a fancy portable computer, but that didn’t fail him from being the best one of its time.

Twentieth Anniversary Mac

Back in the year 1997, TAM was owned only by few technological geeks, and it costed a fortune more than any other computer of the time. It was the first flatscreen to ever venture in the world of Mac computers, and it was used as a sample for all the upcoming flatscreen computers as well. TAM had a lot of new and fancy multimedia capabilities.

Mac color classic II

The preliminary computer to come with colors is the Mac color classic II. Moreover, the first time it showcased an integrated color display as well as to present compact color representation.

Macintosh SE/30

It was the principal computer to ever launch in the black and white format. It has a processor of 16 MHz and a hard drive with a storage of 40MB to 80 MB. These aspects make it the most fast-paced computer of the age.

Pismo Powerbook

Pismo Powerbook was the first laptop that didn’t have SCSI connected to it. It bestowed the Mac users with the excellence of USB and outstanding Apple’s privileges. It has a wonderful expandable feature and has no accessibility of ditching ports within.

Colorful Clamshell iBook

The iBook is the manufacture that complements well with both the iMac and Powerbook. It has spectacular visuals, which made it the most astounding part of the technological market. Moreover, getting access to the internet was made easy too. At a time when all the other computers did not have the feature of WIFI connectivity, it came up with that so that the internet can get connected without any wire.

Just when the user lifted the lid, this computer by itself gets turned on. The students and office workers found it a much easy partner than any other approachable computer those days.

Macintosh 128K

This computer was a benchmark in itself; it not only left behind all the  Apple manufactured computers but all the other computers which existed no matter to what company they belonged to. The vision which could have been behind the most impeccable computer manufacture was fully laid out in Macintosh 128K.

The GUI was implemented in such an incompatible way in this certain computer that no other computer manufacturer could go for. Since 1984, no other computer has been able to anticipate such a wide gathering, which it did at the time of its manufacture.

iMac G4

This picturesque computer with this release all the tech geeks in definite awe as no one was expecting a computer to look this good. The manufacture tactic of this certain computer stands out among all the rest. It is light in weight and has a unique white texture, which makes the users feel more at peace. The LCD that it comes with made all the other computer users envious, and all of them hyped to own this particular one for their use.

Why all these Macs are the best?

The leader in any aspect of life could only be realized if it can stir a larger gathering through its characteristics, features, feats, and benefits. Before any other computer could do for these invincible features, Macs implemented them, and this is how they have been standing ahead on history.

Be it the first time making use of Graphical User Interface or networking without cord; no other computer could have taken these measures before them.

Leaders come up with new creations and ideas, and this is what exactly Mac has been doing since the beginning. Be it Radius System 100 or Macintosh 128K, all of them have characteristics and innovations before which the world didn’t know about. The other companies always copy these innovations and do not get able to beat Mac in any way.

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