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November 5, 2019
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How To Fix Slow or Unresponsive MAC
November 11, 2019
What Should You Expect From 2020 iMac?

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What Should You Expect From 2020 iMac? 2020 is going to be a big year for Apple’s iMac. Do you know that next year iMac is going to turn 22! So what do you guys have in mind? Are you people expecting some major changes in iMac’s design and layout? Is Apple really going to redesign its computer line?


Though Apple has not confirmed anything about iMac’s redesign, we believe that Apple should consider some major redesigning. We also know that Apple has been saving some changes for iMac which will reveal in the coming year!


Just like any other tech person, we also want to see some changes in iMac. We have listed a number of expectations that we wish to see in 2020 iMac. If you want to quench your curiosity on 2020 iMac redesign then you must continue to read this article.

Possible Changes That Apple Could Introduce in 2020 iMac!

Apple has definitely launched different versions of iMac. If we compare current iMac with the very first colorful, plastic CRT 1998 iMac, there are noticeable changes in its design, hardware as well as software. In the history of iMac, significant changes have been made in its design and style including the ‘flat screen and angle-poised lamp style’ 2002 iMac, white plastic 2004 iMac, and the 2007 aluminum iMac.


Since 2007, no significant changes have been made to iMac design except for a widescreen (2009), a slimmer screen (2012) or the addition of Retina Display (2014). Though iMac has evolved in respect of its processors, RAM, and graphics, these improvements still can’t subdue the limitations of iMac’s design and it comes with certain disadvantages.


As Apple has delayed the release of new iMac until 2020, consumers are expecting great changes in the overall design and style of iMac. Here is a list of design improvements that everyone is expecting to see in the 2020 iMac.

●     New Design:

There is so much to improve and enhance when it comes to the design of 2020 iMac. So what design possibilities Apple could explore while designing the new 2020 iMac? We have narrowed down all the possible design improvements which apple could use in its new iMac.

–        Bigger Screen but Smaller Bezels:

Currently, iMac comes in two screen sizes including a 27 inch or 21.5 inches. On the contrary other companies offer a larger display screen that is either 30 inches or even more than that, making iMac’s display smaller.


Apple can introduce a similar bigger display with smaller bezels in its upcoming iMac same as the ‘32 inches Apple’s new Pro Display XDR’ that comes with a 6K resolution. But when it comes to iMac there is no need to go for a 32 inches screen to accommodate 6K resolution. They could easily provide 6K resolution even with a 30-inch display and small bezels.

–        Colour Variations:

When Apple first launched its iMac series it became popular among the consumer due to its fruity color scheme. But today iMac only comes in one color that is Space Grey. people have been using the same color iMac for more than a decade now. It is now the perfect time to explore new colors especially the ‘dark mode’ colors for iMac.

–        Improved Ergonomics:

Apple is exploring ideas to make iMac more ergonomic. People are assuming that Apple might bring back its ‘hinged-arm’ or ‘angle-poised’ lamp design. Or they might be exploring new designs that come with flexibility, functionality, elegance, and sleekness! All at once! At least that’s what we hope for.

–        Smaller Chin:

The current models of iMac are not only surrounded by bigger bezels but also has a giant chin base. It would be a sigh of relief to see the 2.5-inch aluminum chin-base removed from the 2020 iMac’s design. Though it would make space for a bigger screen, it would also affect iMac height. So what would apple really do to cut off this section without disturbing the ergonomics of its product? For this, we have to wait till 2020.

●     Better Display:

As mentioned above people have high expectations for iMac display and screen size. They have expected a 6K resolution with a bigger screen. Furthermore, there is a hope to see the HDR display feature in the new iMac models as well.

Although the current iMac models display 1 billion colors, Apple just wants to make sure that its TV+ streaming content appears brilliantly and perfectly on the upcoming iMac. Another that Apple might introduce in the new iMacs is enabling the consumers to use both portrait or landscape would be a great and innovative change in iMac’s history!

●      Face ID and FaceCamera Feature:

Almost all of the Apple products except for iMac has the Touch ID feature now. It is difficult to integrate the Touch ID feature in iMac. We are not saying that it is not possible. Apple could use the Touch ID feature in iMac’s magic keyboard but it would affect the ergonomics of the product. Plus it would not make any sense.


Instead of incorporating Touch ID in the magic keyboard, Apple could simply add ‘Facetime Camera’ to its upcoming iMac. With a Facetime Camera on iMac, Apple could introduce the ‘Face ID’ feature. It would be definitely exciting as well as new for Apple consumers! And they are going to love it for sure.

●      Enhanced and Advanced Specs:

Talking about the other specs of iMac, there is much that Apple could offer to its consumers. No doubt, the current iMac comes with great processor speed, amazing graphics, and RAM & storage. But we as a consumer expect more improvements in iMac processors, graphics, RAM and other specs.

Here is a brief insight on what improvements Apple could make in new iMac 2020:

  • Processors:

There are two possibilities regarding the iMac processor update. Either Apple is going to use the latest intel processors including ‘Comet Lake, Ice Lake or Cannon Lake’ or they are going to use their own in-house processors in 2020 iMacs.

  • Graphics:

We are expecting discrete updates on graphics cards such as Radeon Pro Vega.

  • Storage:

We would love to see the Fusion Drive in the upcoming iMac model.

  • RAM:

Apple consumers are looking for an easing RAM update for the 21.5 inches iMac model.

  • Ports:

We wish to have four back USB-A ports plus the two thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports along with an ethernet port.

So Is There A New iMac Coming?

Apple has already delayed the launch of the new iMac and still hasn’t confirmed any release date. Though there have been a lot of rumors on various Apple blogs and forums about its release date. We can expect a new iMac maybe in June 2020. We can only hope for a newly designed iMac and wait for the future to unfold! Till then enjoy the current iMac versions.

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