Pros of Mac OS X
Pros of Mac OS X
January 19, 2020
What to expect from apple in 2020
What to expect from apple in 2020
January 27, 2020
The slow secret in the new Macbook Air

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The slow secret in the new Macbook Air, These are a big brand and they are making the computers and laptops from many years but recently they have launched a new MacBook air but they have a done something, which was very sneaky, and they should have told it to their consumer




When they tried to launch the MacBook Air without any big promotion and they have cut the price for their MacBook then people were shocked that how they did it.    Almost $100 were cut in the price of the MacBook Air and people were wondering that what is the reason for this thing.  However, when we came into the knowledge about the hardware change then we realize the reason for the cut price.




you will be shocked to know that Apple is doing this bad deed and they have installed a slow SSD which will not process your daily work routine as smoothly as old MacBook Air was doing.  it is sad to know that people were not familiar with this information directly from the company but in fact, it was told by the leakers who told the probable consumers that this is the reason of the cut-price and people were shocked because of the slow SSD even though it is the requirement which is much in need.




When the big agency from the   France country tried to compare the old MacBook Air with the new one then they realize that the old SSD was able to process around 2GB per second whereas the new one was only able to 1.3 GB.  The process was not only slower but also was making the computer more heat up.  if people are not looking for the big file processing then they will be able to use this MacBook Air efficiently otherwise if you are looking for more hardcore processor then you will be needing the bigger MacBook Air or at least MacBook Pro which will be having the smooth process for you.




Even though they have launched a new MacBook Air is still the architecture is similar to the old one to compliment the slow SSD. So if you are looking for a good and fast SSD with the good architecture than you can still use the old MacBook Air without any hesitation.




Many people ask the question that what is the reason Apple did this thing to their new version Even though the new model should be more efficient and more equipped with the best hardware.   There were many reasons but one of the major reasons for that because of the competition in the market and because of the model being too beautiful they wanted to insert the hardware, which was complimenting the hardware without compromising the looks.  So in short,   for complimenting the looks they have ruined the hardware.




Now come is the next step that what is the next thing we should do.  First, you should analyze the requirement you have and what type of hardware will be good for you.  As I have told you before that if, you are looking for the hardware, which is going to give you the good processing then this type of laptop will not be enough for you.  However, if you are looking for the Hardware, which is going to fulfill your moderate need, then you can use this one also without any hesitation. This MacBook Air is not lacking in the beauty but lacking on the slow SSD and many people in the world are not requiring the fast processing so they can also get this MacBook Air at the cut-price without any trouble.




So let us conclude this article with the simple information that even though MacBook Air is a good product and there have been many models in the past which were very good for the consumer but the latest model from the MacBook Air with the secret of slow SSD has made many of the consumers like us feel ashamed and feel sorry for apple.

Even though Apple is a big company but still they are a company and they wanted to earn some profits by reducing the hardware and reducing the price of their product.  So if they are reducing the product price then it is certain that People will be attracted to their product otherwise the product from Apple is a bit higher on the market. I think I have given you every information I had in this article and hopefully, you will analyses that the products from Apple are not bad but the intention of the apple made the product bad in the eyes of the consumer.

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