December 25, 2019
January 1, 2020
The Most Powerful MacBook of the Time

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MacBook, designed by Apple, is the series of Macintosh laptops used by largely based consumers to complete extensive computer-related tasks. The idea of creating MacBook emerged by combining the characteristics of PowerBook and iBook along with using the processor Intel instead of PowerPC processors. Initially, MacBook was segmented into three simple categories namely MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air.

MacBook and MacBook Pro were launched in 2006 and are being used till now, whereas MacBook Air was released in 2008 and is still aggressively in use by its target market. Since 2006 several models of MacBook has been designed, but some are considered to be the most powerful ones today, described briefly for your convenience;

  1. MacBook (2017)

This Macbook is elegant and a bit small in size; however, it has the most powerful dual-core processor of Intel Core m3-Core i5. The 12-inch MacBook has created its significant position in its target market by being highly portable. This thin Macbook is also light in weight, thus making it comfortable for you to carry it for travelling purposes.

  1. Mac Mini (2018)

The Mac Mini was upgraded in 2018, with the latest hardware, giving the consumers the smallest Mac in the present time. The specifications have been immensely improved. However, this miniature Mac is equipped with the 8th – generation Intel Core i3 – Core i7, thus providing you incredible speed and quality performance.

  1. MacBook Pro (2019)

The key feature of Macbook Pro is that it is re-designed to provide an extensive performing facility to the user by attaching 9th generation Intel Core i7 – i9 processor. The 15-Inch big screen has a memory of 32GB. It has an amazing screen display and accessible options to execute configurations.  Keeping in mind the powerful screen representation and extra-ordinary performance, MacBook Pro is the best option for you to choose.

  1. Mac Book Pro – Touch Screen (mid-2019)

The MacBook Pro distinguishes from the rest as it is available with a touch screen option. It has been updated by applying 8th – generation Intel Core i5. The previous version was a flop, but this MacBook Pro has made a significant position in the market due to the powerful hardware, appealing display screen, and beautifully designed butterfly keyboard.



  1. Apple IMac (2019)

Apple iMac displays a large 27 – inch widescreen, well equipped with 8th and 9th generation Intel core processors. Under one umbrella, it provides you with elegant display features, incredible 5K screen, amazing performance (in terms of speed and durability), and reasonable price, thus ultimately being the most affordable one from the rest.

  1. Apple MacBook Air (2019)

The MacBook Air has been created beautifully, providing you with the amazing display at the most economical price you can imagine. Although the hardware used is Intel Core i5, the battery consumption is extraordinary. This is the updated version of MacBook Air launched in 2018, by adding True Tone technique to its screen display. This time the keyboard has also been designed in a much better style, as it is more durable from the original version.

  1. iMac Pro (2019)

The iMac Pro accredited to be the toughest creation of 2019. This MacBook has the ability to complete extensive tasks and handle workload effectively. If you are burden with too many assignments you must only give priority to the iMac Pro as your first choice. Apart from, tackling workload issues, it also has the most stylish, perfect, vibrant 27 – inch, 5K retina display of P3 wide color, along with the blend of the most powerful processor 8 to 18 – core Intel Xeon W. As compared to all of the MacBook creations the iMac is by far the most expensive one. So only those people can afford who are wealthy enough to handle this worthy investment. The speed efficiency is twice the others, which means that; it is beneficial for every industry, whether Music makers, 3D designers, Photographers, Scientists, Researchers, Video editors or Software developers.

According to a recent update storyline, the latest MacBook Pro is in the process to be launched, preferably in 2019. The MacBook Pro will have 16 – inch display screen but will be the most powerful one in its family, in terms of performance, speed and efficiency.

Apple is the only reliable company to invent several MacBook versions since its inception. People nowadays need quick, problem solving, effective, and efficient inventions to handle the workload, perform creative related tasks carefully, and with diligence. Windows operating systems are sometimes considered to be far better than Apple, but still, the every day unique inventions enhancing the specifications of the MacBook have given Apple the chance to create a niche among loyal users. The MacBook lovers will only use the updated versions and will resist switching on other products. Therefore, Apple can keep its significant position in the industry by inventing speedy and effective products for its customers.  Many more powerful MacBook generations are yet to come.

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