MacBook – incredible layout and how does it work
MacBook incredible layout and how does it work
October 22, 2020
October 26, 2020
MacBook Air

MacBook Air

The most loved laptops Brand in the market has introduced another versatile and dynamic product with worthy features called MacBook Air. Although the product is quite expensive the brand it belongs to justifies the piece being demanded by the customers, and it is as well another acceptable fact that the features it provides have already amazed the customer and convinced them to purchase it on hand. The product is being available in the market in three different colors like silver, space gray, and gold, similarly according to what a customer wants.

Every time the brand launches something in the market, customers await to get mesmerized with a glimpse of what has been going to be in their hands, something even more unique and versatile than anybody else has introduced in the market. The product is available with an even more slim look and with a lighter weight than ever. The slim look of the Macbook Air laptop has made it a mesmerizing product for the customers and gave it a totally different look. Apart from the logo being demonstrated on the product of Apple brand, the slimmest look it has given to the Macbook Air laptop makes it recognizable and differentiable among the customers.

MacBook Air Features

Retina Display

The display of the Macbook Air consists of almost four million pixels with a greater resolution of 2560 by 1600. The display is so good that one can barely even thought of such kind of display. The display is thinner than ever, specifically near the edges. The screen and its pixels have been made in such a way that the picture goes quite natural and tends to match the natural environment and its colors in which the picture is going to be displayed, and the screen has been opened. The display is also sensitive towards the temperature of the outside environment. The screen has been designed in such a way that it’s quite sensitive towards the retina of the eye of the consumer using the Macbook Air laptop, and this is a unique feature that is not being provided by any other company. The display is of almost 13.3 inches, and the color identification it has been portraying is almost 48 % more than a normal laptop.

Touch ID

MacBook Air has been introduced with the strongest security system along with the highest level of convenience, and that is the touch Id feature provided as built-in. The whole Macbook Air laptop and all the documents present in it are available to be locked and can easily be unlocked with the finger touch. The use of manual passwords has been got rejected with the touch id security system in the Macbook Air laptop. This has completely increased the security of the consumer documents and his device. It enables the customer to keep his data secure, safe, and private. This feature has also eased the online shopping that takes less time and no card data sharing with the touch id feature.

Pressure Touch Keypad

The touch being provided through the keypad of the Macbook Air is four times more working smoothly than the last all products in the market. The response and the ease associated with the keypad is mesmerizing. The keypad is sensitive to the pressure being applied on it through the fingers while using. It enables consumers to interact with the device more closely. Every kind of touch associated with the Macbook Air laptop can easily be felt and respond through the keypad.

Life of the Battery

The battery life of the Macbook Air laptop is almost 12 hours. The battery life is another plus feature of the Macbook Air laptop that is rarely available in any other Macbook Air laptop of any other brand to compete with it. Either the user browses through the day or uses the Macbook Air laptop for long travels, the battery is there to assist him through thick and thin. The battery it has is of a 15.6 mm thin radius.


The Macbook Air laptop weighs up to 3 pounds merely with the ultimate versatile features. The processor it has is an eight-generation Intel Core i5 processor. The latest processor enables the user to use the Macbook Air laptop throughout his day and engage it in different activities more than one at a time without being interrupted by any issue and speed problem.


The built-in memory of the Macbook Air laptop is almost 16 GB that is enough to operate the Macbook Air laptop without any hurdles in the use and opening of the different apps. The laptop also supports an SD card memory of almost 1 TB. There is a facility of transferring the apps in the SD memory easily along with other documents.

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