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November 18, 2020
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November 24, 2020
Future of Apple

First things first, Apple is the ultimate tech revolution that everyone wants and needs. Ranging from multiple camera lenses to AMOLED displays, iPhones have everything revolutionary. Consequently, it’s pretty clear that Apple has become a valuable asset for people who like new yet beneficial technologies. However, the user base is not sure what Apple plans for the future. As a result, we are here to tell how Apple might branch out in the future!


Yes, consider yourself driving the car where the steering wheel and bumper have the Apple logo on it. For the most part, people are pretty excited about cars and how Apple cars will come around with the edgy technology. Consequently, with the revealing of new details, the Project Titan is less called-for and ambitious. Similarly, the Project Titan is limited as compared to the entire car.

For this reason, there are high chances that Apple is working on software for driverless cars or the operating system for smart cars. For the most part, this projection is the result of technology consensus. Subsequently, Apple has a slot for testing self-driving and driverless cars in California. In the same way, it’s highly likely that such a car system might emerge with the Apple logo on it. The Future of Apple Perspective Technologies to Surface.


If you haven’t been living under the rock, there are higher chances that you know how Apple acquires thousands of patents every day. In brief, their competition like Samsung and Oculus by Facebook has already stepped into this virtual reality world. As for now, Apple has been resisting this technology but things might change in the near future.

Above all, Apple is likely to be working on the headset. Yes, the headset will have virtual reality and augmented reality, to begin with. In brief, Tim Cook has always shown interest in augmented reality. Accordingly, this new technology might curate augmented reality technology in the iPhone. Consequently, there are chances that Apple’s headset will have AR & VR compliance.

Even more, the headset will have an 8K display for each eye which is the highest to be available for now. Therefore, the resolution of this headset is better than all the TVs available in the market right now. However, there are fewer chances that this headset will rely on computers or smartphones as per expert insights.

To begin with, this project is coded as T288 and is still in the initial development and designing phase. In addition, it’s likely that virtual reality will become the ultimate frontier for Pixabay.

Touchscreen Hybrid

Together with technology and innovation, Apple has managed to outline the high-end standards. Similarly, the Apple laptop is one of the best in the market and iPads in the field of tablets. However, Apple hasn’t created the fusion of these two. For instance, you can obviously access the laptop and tablet fusion/hybrids in the market.

To illustrate, there is a touchscreen that comes with the power to use an external keyboard. For this reason, Apple is likely to be working on the new line of fusion devices and computers that’s coded as Star. Subsequently, the device will have a hybrid touchscreen, so keep a lookout. The Future of Apple Perspective Technologies to Surface.


Well, Apple doesn’t seem any association with healthcare since it’s a tech-savvy company. However, Apple is a company that cares about its consumer base and employees. In the same way, Apple has been frustrated by the health issues of their employees and families. Consequently, Apple has initiated the chain of medical clinics.

According to the insights, these medical clinics will go by the name “AC Wellness.” In conclusion, the clinics will operate in Santa Clara County for now. Lastly, Apple already has the Wellness Center in Cupertino since there are Apple headquarters there.


Above all, every Apple user knows how Apple was under the fire, given the condition of such manufacturing units. Similarly, some Americans have also criticized Apple for not manufacturing the products in the hometown. Consequently, there are high chances that Apple will be moving to the manufacturing of its own devices.

For instance, Apple is already creating their own displays through the “secret” manufacturing unit around the Californian headquarters. However, this is for testing purposes. Back in 2018, Apple has incremented the manufacturing budget to $5 billion. Particularly, this projected manufacturing unit is likely to create twenty-thousand jobs. Even more, it will create around $350 billion for the U.S. economy. All in all, this projection is for the upcoming five years.


On top of everything, Apple is highly likely to create cloud storage solutions for users. Therefore, the banking information, files, images, electric utility invoice, and the software will be stored in the cloud. In addition, the information exchange will be within the cloud as well. The Future of Apple Perspective Technologies to Surface.


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