The Specialties of iPad Pro?
The Specialties of iPad Pro?
December 3, 2019
A Full Mouse Support Would Be a Game Changer For iPad Gaming
A Full Mouse Support Would Be a Game Changer For iPad Gaming
December 8, 2019
Technical specifications of MacBook air

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Technical specifications of MacBook air, Laptop lovers want to buy an Apple laptop. Apple laptops are very expensive and everyone cannot afford it. They collect money for a long time to get an Apple laptop. if you are also thinking to get an Apple laptop but cannot afford it. Here is a solution. Although you cannot buy a MacBook Pro in your budget, you can buy another Apple laptop. This Apple laptop is cheap and is the best for completing your daily tasks. This Apple laptop is MacBook Air.

MacBook Air was first launched in 2008 by Apple. It is an elegant laptop with beautiful aluminum design. It is stylish in look and is a durable laptop. It was the first substantial re-entry of Apple into the subnotebook market. MacBook Air was very powerful and in 2012 it replaced all the traditional MacBook. You are looking for an Apple laptop that you can afford than MacBook Air is the best choice. MacBook Air fits your bill with good performance. These MacBook Air laptops have great and advanced features.

Size and Weight:

MacBook Air is offered in one size only. Its size is 13.3-inch. Its size in height is 0.16-0.61 inch, width size is 11.97inches, and in-depth it is 8.36 inches. The weight of MacBook Air is approximately 3 pounds. It is easily portable and as compared to MacBook Pro it is heavier and big in size.


The size of a MacBook Air is 13.3 inches. For display, it uses IPS technology. The standard screen resolution is 1440* 900.

Retina Display:

In the past MacBook, Air display was not up-to-the-mark and was outdated. But the latest MacBook Air has a Retina display that has triple pixels as compared to the previous version. It also uses IPS technology rather than TN. Its vast range of colors makes the display more effective and sharp.

MacBook Air Processor:

MacBook Air has a strong process with the 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5. It also has a turbo boost up to the 3.6GHz along with a 4MB L3 cache. Its Intel dual-core i5 processor runs at a slower speed and maximize the laptop’s battery life.

MacBook Air Graphics:

You have a low budget and need a laptop for basic graphic designing. You can buy MacBook Air to complete your graphic designing tasks. MacBook Air is an integral thing for graphic designers. It has an integrated graphics chip. Its graphics have Intel UHD Graphics 617. This graphic processor becomes part of your main CPU. It uses the main memory of your computer. It is not as effective as MacBook Pro but you can do your daily tasks easily without any difficulty.

MacBook Air storage:

MacBook Air has a great storage capacity. It uses solid-state drives (SSDs). Its storage capacity is 128GB PCle and 256GB PCle. Both of these are based on the SSDs. These SSDs are faster than a hard drive. The MacBook Air-like hard drive never offers the terabytes of storage.


There are two models of MacBook Air offered by Apple. Each Model has a different cost.

Battery and Power:

The MacBook Air has a strong battery and power. It has a wireless web up to 12 hours battery. You can watch the iTunes movie playback for more than 13 hours. Its standby battery time is up to 30 days. It has a 49.9watt-hour-lithium-polymer built-in battery.

Operating System:

MacBook Air has a macOS operating system. It powers everything you do on your MacBook Air. It brings advanced macOS Mojave. It brings new features to facilitate powerful users.

Keyboard and trackpad:

The MacBook Air’s latest version has the third-generation butterfly keyboards. This keyboard has function keys and arrow keys. It is more refined and reliable keyboards introduced by Apple in this MacBook Air. It also offers you a large force touch trackpad.  This is for precise control of the cursor and for the pressure-sensing capabilities.


MacBook Air is available in three colors. These colors are gold, silver, and space gray. You can purchase any of them depending on your choice.


MacBook Air offers the HD camera for the better picture and video results.


It is a gift for disabled people. MacBook Air offers various features to facilitate persons with different disabilities like hearing, visionary, physical and other motor disabilities. It helps them to learn, read, and to perform other tasks easily by using this MacBook Air. Its special features include VoiceOver, Zoom, Dictation, Closed Captions, Reduce Motion, Switch Control, Text to Speech, and Increase Contrast.

Bottom Line:

MacBook Air is a laptop with great features or technical specifications. It is cheap and you can complete your tasks easily on this laptop. It has an impressive battery, retinal display, exceptional storage, and good graphics displays with a lot of colors. This laptop is easy to carry and is heavy in weight as compared to the MacBook Pro. People recommended this laptop as you can get it with the warranty.

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