The History of Macbook
The History of MacBook
September 10, 2019
A hidden flaw of MacBook Security System
A hidden flaw of MacBook Security System
September 19, 2019
Secret Mac Features you never want to miss

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Secret Mac Features you never want to miss, If you are using Mac, it is the possibility that you do not know all the features of this machine. The Mac has very amazing features that are hidden from you and you do not know about them. The Mac is a powerful and advanced machine with great features. If you are a new user of Mac than this article will help you a lot as you will get the knowledge of the 15 secret Mac features through this article. 


  • A perfect and desired screenshot:


You want to take a screenshot but want to take a shot of a specific part of the screen then no need to worry. For this hold down the keys Command + Shift + 4. This command will convert your cursor into a crosshair. Now outline the part on the screen you want to take the screenshot. Once you have done the outline, press the spacebar to take the screenshot.


  • Group the folders:


You can merge the files of two identically or same-named folders easily but when you dragged the one folder onto the other folder with the identical name a replace dialog message prompts on the screen. So here is the secret Mac feature comes. To group or merge both folders you need to use the Option-Dragging the folder that prompts on the screen with an additional choice of “merge”. After selecting this a folder will be made containing the content of both the folders. 


  • Move the Dock:


You want to hide your dock. It is very easy. Just press Command+ Option+ D on your keyboard and the Dock will be hidden instantly. 


  • Tab management:


If there are various applications running on your screen simultaneously and you want to get a ride from some of the applications, it is very easy on the Mac. For this, you need to hold the Command +tab key. This will help you to cycle around the key and for quit any application you just need to press the Q and to minimize any application you need to press H.


  • Insert an Apple Icon:


For quickly inserting an Apple icon, you just need to press Option+ shift + K. You can easily make this Apple Icon in the text messages, word documents, email or anywhere that allows or needs keyboard input. 


  • Create a signature:


If you are using your Mac and you need to sign a document, now it is not a problem. You can sign your documents electronically. For this open the document and in its preview open the Annotations toolbar. Hit on the signature button and select the Create Signature from Buil-in-iSight option. Follow the instructions coming on the screen to add a signature to your official documents. You can also save your signatures for future use. 


  • Built-in Emoji Keyboard:


You want to use emoji in your text to express your feelings in the best way you can add an Emoji keyboard just by pressing Command + Control+ Spacebar. By pressing these you will get access to the emoji keyboard. It does not work in every text entry file or application. You can just use them while doing texting or while doing email.


  • Delete files:


You want to delete files, you can easily delete them by following these simple steps. First of all, select the file, then press the keys of Command+ Delete and the file will be moved to the recycle bin. If you want to empty your recycle bin or trash quickly then press Command+ Shift + Delete, approve it to be empty, the trash bin will be gone clear.  


  • Adjustment of Brightness:


To adjust the brightness of the system of the Mac you need to hold down the keys of Shift + Option and hit the brightness down and up to adjust it according to your need and requirement.


  • Volume:


You can control the volume by holding down the Shift + Option and hit the volume Down or Up keys to adjust the volume. 


  • Colors of your screen:


As a Mac user if you want to change the color of the screen you can easily do this. You can revert and invert the colors of the display by holding down the keys of Command + Option + Control+ 8. This feature is basically designed to set the visually impaired. 


  • Use the spotlight to search as a calculator:


You want to search for the document or music, by pressing the keys of Command + Spacebar the spotlight search of the Apple will be brought up and you can easily search your required document. This feature also does the basics of Math. For doing the division or multiplication just add the numbers in the search bar.


  • Disable notifications:


In OS X’s notification center you received all the notifications from all the apps. If you want to disable the notifications you just need to click on the Notification Center icon in the OS X’s menu bar and turn on the option of Do Not Disturb in the today’s tab. 


  • Quick access to the Dictionary:


You can find the meaning and the definition of any word by using the Spotlight in a snap. On the MacBook, you need to hover over the word in the question and need to tap the touchpad with three fingers. It will tell you all the details about the words. 


  • Use Dictation 


Yes, your Mac takes the dictation and make the writing or typing easy. 

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