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Oleophobic Coating – Tips For Better Protection

Apple is surely a fine choice for everyone who likes cutting-edge technology and luxurious phones. Well, that’s the prime reason why hundreds and thousands of people wait for September because Apple has to launch new products. However, one cannot deny the fact that Apple products, be it MacBook or iPhone, are pretty sensitive.

With this being said, people are always wondering how to transfer pics from iPhone to PC because they have to drop off the damaged iPhone at the repair center. Consequently, when it comes down to the iPhones, they are designed with the oleophobic coating that tends to wear off with time. So, in this article, we are sharing how you can protect the oleophobic coating of your iPhone!

Oleophobic Coating – What Is It?

When you take out your iPhone from the box, we are pretty sure that you are allured by the shiny and glorious screen. This is all the wonder of oleophobic treatment on the screen. When you start using your iPhone, the coating will start wearing off. First of all, you should try installing the screen protector on the top for protecting the oleophobic coating.

One needs to understand that even the glass screen protectors are designed with oleophobic coating. When it comes down to the coating, it directly influences the feel as well as the look of the screen. With the fresh oleophobic treatment on the screen, the fingers will practically glide on the screen and the friction will be too low, so no slow-downs. The Oleophobic Coating Tips For Better Protection.

the oleophobic screen is extremely easy to clean

One needs to keep in mind that the oleophobic screen is extremely easy to clean and you can wipe off the grease as well as fingerprints. As the coating starts to wear off, the fingers will hang on the screen for a longer time period and the need for a thorough cleaning will only increase. Consequently, the water and water droplets will keep staying on the screen for longer times.

If you want to test the condition of the oleophobic coating, we suggest dropping the water drop on the top and if it retains the bead form, the coating is doing a good job. On the other hand, if the water spreads out, the oleophobic coating is long gone. To be honest, this coating is not essential and doesn’t impact the workability or functionality.

With this being said, the worn-out oleophobic coating will only influence the feel and appearance of the screen. So, if your iPhone is one or two years old, there are no doubts that the oleophobic coating has worn out. That’s to say because the higher consumption of the iPhone will result in quicker wearing out of the coating.

Protection Of The Oleophobic Coating

Oleophobic coating is actually the oil-repellent coating that tends to wear off with usage. However, you can always follow some tips and hacks for protecting the coating and making it last longer!. Oleophobic Coating Tips For Better Protection.


First things first, you must never use the abrasive cleaners on the touchscreen of your iPhone (the detergents, as well). Also, you cannot use bleach, crème cleansers, cutting agents, or Windex for cleaning the touchscreen. This is because such cleaners can adversely impact the oleophobic coatings and some of them can even leave the screen cloudy.

However, there are some ways through which you can clean the touchscreen of your iPhone without damaging the oleophobic coating. First of all, you need to wipe the screen with a lint-free piece of cloth; you can also dampen it to take away the grimes and dirt. As for disinfection, you need to use the alcohol-based cleaning solutions (use the 70% one with iPhone).

Restoration Of The Oleophobic Coating

Okay, so if the damage has already been done, you can enhance the touch and feel of the iPhone screen with the application of the glass screen protector. Using these screen protectors works as a cost-efficient way of restoring the oleophobic coating and it’s an effective way of retaining the resale value of the iPhone.

We suggest opting for the oleophobic coating kit and applying the solution on the iPhone touchscreen. Usually, these kits will cost ranging from $10 to $20 for the single treatment. To be honest, this price is good for one iPhone. However, before you apply the solution on the touchscreen, you need to wipe clean the touchscreen with the isopropyl alcohol as it helps get rid of grease and dust.

You should use around ten drops of the oleophobic solution on the touchscreen and spread it out on the screen. You need to be quick. Once you’ve spread out the solution, leave it overnight. If there are some residues left on the screen. You can use a soft cloth to wipe it off. If you repeat the application of the solution, the coating will be thick, hence the long-lasting experience.

One needs to keep in mind that this coating solution will dry out quickly, but one must leave it untouched after the application and only apply the second coat once the first one has completely dried up. We are a mac hire Uk base company contact us.  Oleophobic Coating Tips For Better Protection.

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