MacBook Air and MacBook Pro for the Students
MacBook Air and MacBook Pro for the Students
October 28, 2019
What Should You Expect From 2020 iMac?
What Should You Expect From 2020 iMac?
November 7, 2019
MacBook vs iMac which is better to buy

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MacBook vs iMac which is better to buy? The MacBook and iMac both are the awesome apple machines with great features. MacBook and iMac both have different functions and characteristics.  People usually sometimes get confused between the selection of MacBook or iMac thinking which one is better for them? The answer is here. It is not easy and simple to decide whether to get a desktop means iMac or a portable laptop MacBook. You can buy the MacBook or iMac by keeping your needs, expectations and your real-world requirements in mind and your budget. If you want a portable device, which you can take along with you then MacBook is the best option or if you want to buy a system for your home or office with the big screen and most powerful features than iMac is the best option.

Comparison between MacBook and iMac:

For better understanding, a comparison is given to make it easy for you to make a decision. This is a comparison between a 27-inch iMac and a 15-inch MacBook.


The first and foremost thing a person thinks before buying an iMac or a MacBook is the lifespan of the product. These are great computers especially after adding the new features of macOS Sierra is the Apple products in the present year 2019. People love to buy a MacBook and iMac, because of the durability and reliability of its software and long warranty period. Now even older systems can also run better with the update of the operating system of Apple.

Display and GPU:

MacBook and iMac, both have almost similar displays. Both of them have retina quality that means they have enough high pixel density. Each of them has 500 nits, of brightness and has extensive colour range offering 25 percent colours as compared to the RGB standard.

A major difference between the MacBook and iMac is the size. The size of the iMac is 27-inch while the MacBook size is 15-inch. The MacBook manages to have a resolution of 2800*1800 while the iMac has a native resolution of 5120*2880 and pinpoint vibrant and sharp colours. It is practically really helpful due to the feature of the video editors to work with 4K videos on-screen with full size. It also provides some extra space for the numerous editing program’s tool palettes and complex menus. This iMac is the perfect option for the professionals to complete the professional-level-tasks.


When it comes to the selection of iMac or MacBook, another important factor that contributes a lot is a RAM. The huge amount of RAM helps in performing and completing all the functions and tasks smoothly, without slowing down the system. Therefore, while choosing, we need to see the amount of RAM both the devices are offering. The MacBook and iMac both are offering 16GB RAM but in having an iMac we have an advantage. We can upgrade the size of RAM from 16 GB to 32GB or even 64GB but we have to spend some money on this up-gradation.  However, we do not have an option of the upgrading of RAM size in MacBook. This site cannot exceed 16GB.


As we all know, until specific time storage was a problem in the Apple products but now with the passage of time they are working to sort this problem. The MacBook has the storage capacity of 512GB while the iMac leads the game by having a storage capacity of 1TB.  You can even increase this storage capacity from 1 TB to 3 TB. You can get the same storage in your MacBook too, but for that, you need a lot of money. In the past, the MacBook has storage devices to store the data but now with the advancement in the technology and with the arrival of MacBook Air, now SSD (solid-state drives) store the data by using the memory chips. This is a faster process but it is more limited in space.


While taking the decision between MacBook and iMac, the question arises, whether you want a portable system or a computer. The MacBook is a computer with all the functions and you can carry it with yourself while on the other hand iMac is an apple device which you can’t carry around. If it is not an issue then iMac is better as it has more options, functions and advantages. It has more upgradability, storage, RAM size, and as compared to MacBook has a bigger lifespan. It also gives you a bigger screen to perform your tasks in an effective way. Its important to do research before deciding and see which one is better for you according to your options and requirements as few people need this for better editing of videos and their needs will be different from the people who love to do gaming, photography and editing.

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