Why this product of Apple called Mac has a resolute aura in the tech world?
Why this product of Apple called Mac has a resolute aura in the tech world?
March 2, 2020
MacBook Air
MacBook Air
October 24, 2020
MacBook – incredible layout and how does it work

The MacBook is the simplest of the machines with a sleek, not overloaded with extras and elegant design. It has a resolution of 1280 x 800 and a body of polycarbonate. The internal hardware keeps changing from time to time. It has become the ultimate laptop for young professionals and families. Now, let us look at the features that MacBook provides and learn what it does.

  • Apple Pay and Touch ID
  • The Dock
  • Finder
  • Mac App Store
  • The Magic Mouse and Trackpad
  • Taking screenshots
  • Siri
  • iTunes
  • the Mail App
  • iCloud and Continuity
  • Auto Unlock
  • The Menu bar
  • The Screensaver and Desktop background images
  • Right-clicking
  • Full-screen mode
  • Spotlight
  • Launchpad
  • Safari
  • Messages
  • Troubleshooting

Apple Pay and Touch ID

Apple added Touch ID along with the newest model MacBook Pro. Using that you can log in to your account just with a single touch and also set up more than one user with Touch ID. Online purchases can also be done using the web that provides Apple Pay.

Auto Unlock

Do you want high security? Worry no more and set up a highly strong password and no inconvenience of retyping it whenever you wish to unlock your screen. The Auto Unlock feature makes it quite easy for one to unlock the device using the Apple Watch by being nearby your Mac. So, if you want, you can set a password of 14-digits that becomes quite difficult for even super of computers to figure out yet takes a second to unlock the Mac for you.

Touch Bar

The new big feature in the latest models of Mac is its Touch Bar. It is an OLED console that is placed at the topmost part of the keyboard, and it also replaces the function keys in a row. In the context of the situation, the appearance on the console will change, depending on the app that is being currently used. You can also customize it accordingly which provides you to arrange different apps to enhance your workflow.

The Dock

This can be the most favorite part of the laptop as it stores all of your files, folders, and apps that are frequently used and most important for quick access. It acts like a cache storage system as it temporarily holds files, folders, and apps that are currently used. You can open them with just a click instead of searching the file through all of the open programs and windows.


Siri works on the laptop just as one uses an iPad or iPod Siri used on an Apple laptop can excess more data than it does on the IOS counterpart. You can ask Siri to remind you of any task, schedule events, search for files on your hard drive, let you know about the weather, look up to your pictures, and much more. Instead of searching and completing tasks on your own quick the hassle and let Siri take care of all the work for you

The Menu Bar

The menu bar is at the very top part of the Mac Book screen. It is the home of the apple menu which helps you to go through all of the system settings like the app menu that is specified to the current app you are using, quick look tools, and shortcuts for computer starters, Siri, and spotlight.


A one-stop-shop for each piece of data on your laptop is a finder. In many cases, it is the best way to search for the thing you are looking for. The amazing part is that you can directly access to the programs in Finder that are cloud-based. So you will not have to dig around in the iCloud drive or dropbox app.

The Screensaver and Desktop background images

No computer fits into your type until you customize it using personal images in your background or screensaver. In case you are using the in-built content, you are, however, customizing your display, and that is how one makes the laptop their own and feels just right.

iCloud and Continuity

Once you create the apple id which is mandatory as you are using an Apple laptop, you will get 5GB of storage for free on iCloud right away. You can use that storage for minor activities like sinking app data and saving backups of your iPhone. You are also able to use it for major activities such as storing your photos and music in the cloud and enhancing your laptop storage.

In case the 5GB is insufficient, you will have to pay a little amount of $0.99 per month to upgrade your system. Once your IOS devices and MAC is connected to iCloud, you can utilize the apple continuity feature that provides you with the facility to start the task on one device and then continue the same task on another.

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