Here is all you need to know about the MacBook Pro design
Here is all you need to know about the MacBook Pro design
November 12, 2019
The transformation of iOS devices
The transformation of iOS devices
November 15, 2019
Is Apple TV a Success or Failure

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Is Apple TV a Success or Failure? Apple is a big brand, and this brand is working for many of the years. There are many products from these brands, of course, you will think that this brand is good and all the product is going to be good. The TV of the Apple brand is good, but there are many people who asked that is this TV is good than the other TV available in the market. Many of the people I know that there are many good TV available in the market like Samsung and Sony.

FROM 2006


This TV is in the market from 2006. Let me tell you that it is not the TV but the set box for all the TVs in the market. There are many generations of this TV. The latest generation of Apple TV has everything a TV should have. The video will be 4K and will have all the applications for your TV like Netflix, YouTube and many others. But still, the question is that is this Apple TV success because of the different and latest generation or this TV is a failure.



According to the experts in this field, they are saying that there is a minimum success of this TV in the market. They are saying that even do this TV has different generations and different type of models available in the market, but they are not competitive according to the services we are getting from other TV brands. There are many different brands who are offering different sizes of the TV and also the different application services which are new and also so popular around



There are some positives of the Apple TV in the market. Example the remote of the TV is very good. It is offering a microphone which means that you will be able to rewind and forward and everything by your voice in the TV. You can also search on the Apple TV by the microphone remote. The multimedia of the TV is also good and also the usage of the Apple TV is not very difficult.




Even though the remote is offering the microphone, we can’t use it as easily as we expect. For example, in the night you will not be able to see the phone because of its structure and design, which is black and bulky.

There are many applications which you can use in the Apple TV and also the big size of the set box of Apple is not helpful if you are loading the applications which are heavy in use



So if the question is that is the Apple TV having the success or failure then according to my experience it depends on the person. If there are people who are in love with the Apple TV and the services from Apple then, of course, they will think that the Apple TV is good and successful. But the people who are familiar with the market and also the TV services from different brands and also the specs of the TV model then you will find that it is good but not that much good.



But we can’t deny that Apple TV is going in the right direction but a bit slow. For example, they have started to offer in-app purchases and also connected the TV to iTunes. They are starting to change the layout of the user interface and also other things which are beneficial for the user. The rates and the services are also modifying and affordable according to the user. So we can find that Apple TV might not be that much successful right now but maybe in the future, it will be able to have the success in the market and will be able to offer you whatever you want and will be able to have the competition with other brands. We are living in the 21st century and we might find some unique things of a from Apple because we are familiar to the uniqueness and the brands of Apple which work breathtaking.

We know that Apple is the only brand in the world which can reach the skies but some of the time they brag more than they can offer. So let us try to find that may be in the future Apple will be having the success but right now it is not that good as the market.

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