How Apple is playing games with Siri
How Apple is playing games with Siri
October 16, 2019
Discover the New World of Technology
Discover the New World of Technology
October 18, 2019
How to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac?

How to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac?

When did you feel devasted the most? The time when something precious lost. And one of these precious things is contacts of a cell phone. Thanks to the Apple who provided us with the opportunity to sync our contacts, media files, and important doc to iCloud. You can even sync contacts from iPhone to Mac. Here we are going to mention how to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac. By doing this, in case of any contacts loss, backup can help you to retrieve. So, we suggest you to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac to feel free.

Sync contacts to iCloud

If you want to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac, then first of all sync it to iCloud. Here are some simple steps:


  • Go to home screen and find settings
  • Tap on the settings and then on your profile name
  • In your account there will be options for name, phone, password, payments and security and then the iCloud in the bottom
  • Go to iCloud and there you will see contacts, swipe right to check. After this if an option for merge comes select it

Here are the images of performed steps to provide better understanding


By doing so you can access contacts easily whether from Mac, iPad, iCloud, PC or iPhone. The iCloud keeps your contacts updated on all of your Apple devices and also generate a backup.

Sync contacts from iPhone to mac

After you sync contacts to iCloud then to sync them to Mac you simply have to download them.


  • Login to Mac>system preferences
  • Then tap to Apple id and repeat the step as mentioned above until you see the contacts
  • Tap on contacts and swipe right to sync contacts from iCloud to Mac

After doing this all of your contacts will show up and you can access them directly via contacts App. It will also help you to access the address book during sending messages and mails through apps. Now go to contacts in iCloud add or delete.

You can do this only if you had sync contacts with the i Cloud by checking the contacts in the Apple id section. Now you can easily manage your contacts on Mac by editing, deleting and updating contacts. Here arises one problem that if you had contacts in mac which were unsycned, they can be a mess after syncing it to iCloud. So, regarding this you should be efficient enough to manage it. There will be redundancy in address book.

Looking for duplicate contacts

  • Go to contacts, and then launch card
  • In card look for duplicates
  • Here the contacts will show up with merge entries

After getting information about the duplicate contacts you can manage them via iCloud by signing through windows.


It is good to have backup of everything. So, here are simple steps to export contacts from Mac to apple ecosystems to recover them in case of need.


  • Launch the contacts Application
  • Go to menu bar and search for option of export at the top corner and tap on it
  • Tap on export v card and export contacts to desired directory. It backs up your contact information to outlook and Gmail and make them secure and easily accessible

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