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What Should You Expect From 2020 iMac?
November 7, 2019
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Here is all you need to know about the MacBook Pro design
November 12, 2019
How To Fix Slow or Unresponsive MAC

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How To Fix Slow or Unresponsive MAC, Computers are an essential part of our life. But because of some factors, we are not able to use computers as effectively as we want. Some issues make the computer unresponsive or very slow. This is the same reason which has been the prominent problem in the normal desktop computer. But having these problems is not the issue. But there are many problems which you can rectify yourself. Hopefully, the problems will not be with the hardware otherwise this problem can’t be solved in a simple desktop computer then it is impossible on Mac computer.



Some of the time, the problem with the computer is not very big. It might be a problem with the space in the computer which has been filled. For solving this problem you need to remove the files on the computer which are not in use. There is a rule that at least 15% of the hard drive space should be empty. If you want to make up space then you can also remove the applications which are not in use.




This is one of the most prominent examples of the slow computer. If in your Mac computer there are some apps which have been crashed, then you will feel that your computer is very unresponsive and very slow while the process is happening, when you will install the effort in finding out the best apps when you will be able to remove the problem effectively. You need to take the properties of the computer and the responses happening in the background on the Mac computer. You should launch activity monitor and click on the CPU and check which app is taking out all the memory or is taking more than it should. This app you can delete without any hesitation, and it will save the memory of your computer to make the mac computer faster than usual.



If you are doing multitasking or you are rendering the video or audio on your Mac computer, then it will consume much memory on your computer. This happens on usual bases and it is by your computer will be very slow in this regard. If you want to use then you need to remove all the background apps and all the useless work in the background, which is taking up the memory. You need to fulfil your work in due time and then close that to make the computer fast. But if you will open menu of the tabs on the mac computer or your browser, then this is the ideal killing procedure for your Mac computer.



Maybe the computer you have is not according to the present time. It means that the computer might be old for a year you are using it. There are many new and updated applications and softwares, which doesn’t need the old hardware, which is the problem. So you need to analyze that the slowness of the computer might be. Because of the old hardware or old version of the Mac computer. You can solve this problem very easily by buying the new and updated mac computer with the latest hardware and capabilities to fulfil your needs.



Even though the mac computers have solid-state drives, which will not have the problem but is still there could be. This is why you need to check the problems with the storage of your computer. Click on the top right corner and choose the system report. Now choose the driver of yours, and on the bottom see the s m a r t. If along with that it is mentioning verified, then your hard drive is working perfectly. Otherwise, it will say failing. If you find it failing then you can buy the new hard drive and the rest of the problems with the computer are history.



If we want to conclude this article then we will easily say that there might be some problems which are making the mac computer of your slow and unresponsive. Some of the responses from the Mac computer can be resolved by you. Whereas some of the problems need to be rectified from the professional person. So take your time and check the problems deeply and when you are satisfied then you can decide in this regard without any hesitation. Remember to not use hard TOOLS and impassionate nature to solve the problems. Otherwise, it will bring more problems than before.

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