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How do I know which operating system my computer is running?
December 11, 2019
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December 19, 2019
How to find whether your MacBook is refurbished or not

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How to find whether your MacBook is refurbished or not? Purchasing a MacBook seems to be a difficult job; it’s not too easy to make you win for a good device if you do not have a better command on devices. No matter if you are buying a packed brand new MacBook or a used one you need to be conscious if it’s not an authorized apple store. Most of the countries that have a limited number of apple stores face the issues of refurbished or copied apple devices. So, when you are buying a device you need to ensure whether it’s refurbished or not.

There can be a number of helping tricks for you that lets you look into the details and find out the truth. All you need to pay attention and make the best choice as a whole. If you are buying the brand new well packed MacBook from the apple store then you can relax and take a back seat. But, if you bought or planning to buy the Macbook from a local store then you need to know the following tips and tricks to check out the validity of your MacBook.

Using the serial number

The serial number of all apple devices is one of the key codes for you that help to find out all the major and minor details about the product. It is the first thing that you are supposed to notice in any of the devices by Apple. For MacBooks, the serial number helps you to identify a number of secrets about its manufacture, processing and sales too. When you want to identify whether your MacBook is refurbished or not. So the first thing you need to get from the device is its serial number and then make its best use to verify the device using the following options:

Match the serial number

The serial number of all the drives and components of the MacBook is the same and linked to each other. When a device is assembled, it’s all components are recorded and linked to each other with the help of a serial number. By putting one serial number in the system one could get all the details about the device. So, you need to enter the serial number on the Apple’s official site to search for the device or you can go to Menu bar – Apple icon – About This Mac – More Info – Serial Number. In the dialogue box, you will enter the serial number and it will redirect you to the customer service representative. You need to provide the representative with your serial number and you can find out whether it’s refurbished or not.

Take help from “Check Coverage”

Apple ensures the customer security and safety so it provides some solid backup not only for the device data but its coverage, validation and warranty. In case you lose the real invoice you do have the device and its serial number. You can check the warranty status, eligibility and AppleCare coverage of the MacBook by visiting the designated site. You need to visit and by entering the serial number you will be able to get all the details on screen. It lets you know about the real model, purchase and its coverage details.

The actual age of machine

Machine’s actual age is not the one when it was brought first; in fact, it starts with the manufacture of the machine. Every MacBook and other devices have their manufacture date as a birth date that counts its age. Any refurbished machine will not have an obvious age of machine in the record. From the Apple\s icon in the menu bar, you can go to “About this Mac” and will be able to check out the manufacturing detail.

Battery life

Most of the refurbished MacBooks do not have an original battery that identifies the flaw in the first place. Or else the battery is original, and then its life is not identical to the life of the device. It’s hard to match the specifications and life of all the parts at the same time. So, you need to check the battery cycles from the device information to identify any flaws in it.

Visible physical damages

Refurbished devices look as good as new but these are not. If the internal hardware or software is working fine then you can witness something on the outside. When the seller claims the product to be new, then external physical damages can help you to identify the truth. If the seller is presenting you the used device then you need to look into the software settings and information for the satisfaction.

Check the connectivity ports

The connectivity ports and charging slot is a source to find out the truth about your MacBook. The ports in the original MacBook are perfectly fitted and not too hard or lose. While, in the refurbished devices such ports are either loses, misplaced or not working properly.

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