Potential hurdles for the internet of things
Potential hurdles for the internet of things
December 19, 2019
December 25, 2019
How To Convert Your iPad Pro Into a 2-in-1 Laptop/Notebook

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There is a reason why Apple is one of the top tech brands in the tech market. Apple products such as Mac Book, iPad Pro and even the iPhones has several features which include high-quality, durability, functionality, portability and high-performance. Lately, a discussion has been going on different tech forums about the functionality of iPad pro. Many consumers believe that iPad Pro is more powerful and efficient as compared to many entry-level-laptops. Not only this, but rumours have been also been prevailing that you can convert your iPad pro into a 2-in-1 laptop/notebook.


There is no doubt that Apple iPad Pro is a great technology but the question is whether it is possible to use the Apple iPad Pro as a laptop/notebook/laptop? If you are looking for the answers and some interesting facts about this claim then continue reading this article.


You Can Convert Your iPad Pro Into Notebook:

Yeah, you heard it right! It is quite possible to convert your iPad Pro into a notebook/laptop. But you need a few accessories to do that. As we all know that an iPad Pro is a just a simple slate of glass and aluminium without any keyboard. Plus, unlike laptops and notebooks, iPad Pro has no two-part clamshell design. It means you have to attach a keyboard and something that can support the screen of the iPad Pro that will turn its screen into a clamshell.


Good news is that today there are more than keyboard options available in the market. The first option is to use a keyboard with the slot. The keyboard slot acts as the base for the iPad Pro screen and supports it to stand.


The second option is a keyboard wraparound case. The case/wraparound is made up of plastic or fabric. You can attach the keyboard very easily with your iPad Pro while the wraparound holds the screen. It supports the iPad Pro screen to stand with the help of a tilted flap at its back. Further, most of the keyboards for iPad Pro connects via the Bluetooth and there is no need to attach any kind of cables.


Other Accessories or Apps That You Might Need:

Wait, don’t get too excited. Connecting a keyboard is just the first & basic step to convert your Apple iPad Pro into a notebook. In order to enjoy the features and spec of a notebook or laptop, there are few other things (accessories + apps) which you may require.


As iPad’s does not have USB ports as much as of a laptop/notebook, therefore if you want to connect different accessories or devices via your iPad you may need external ports. These external USB ports are inexpensive and easily available in the market.


Usually, the iPad’s storage capacity is less than many laptop/notebook models. And less storage capacity affects the performance of the device, Hence, to convert the iPad into a laptop you must upgrade its storage capacity. You could either purchase extra space from Apple store or use a external card reader for this purpose. A card reader is inexpensive as compared to purchasing storage from Apple.


Another thing that is very essential is the multi-windows application. By this, we mean that finding an application which will allow you to split your iPad Pro screen into 2-4 sections so that you can perform multiple functions just as you would do on a regular laptop or notebook.


The last but not the least accessories to complete your iPad into a laptop or notebook is the mouse console. Usually, the keyboards have a built-in mouse on the pad but in case your keyboard lacks a mouse or you are more comfortable with a mouse console then connect an external mouse to the iPad.


Is It A Good Option For Office Work?

Although you could turn your iPad Pro into a 2-in-1 laptop/notebook, it would still be not good for office work. But if you are a blogger, or freelance content writer or someone who does not need to perform big data optimization & analyzation or your work does not require heavy software/application, the iPad Pro would be a great option. Moreover, using your iPad Pro as a laptop/notebook is an excellent computer option for college students.


Benefits Of Using iPad As Laptop/Notebook:


  • Unlike the other laptop/notebook devices, an iPad Pro 2-in-1 laptop/notebook would be lightweight.
  • Greater portability.
  • High and efficient performance.
  • Cost savings for students.
  • Great battery time.
  • You can use it as a tablet whenever you want.
  • Inexpensive and cheap than other laptop devices.


Whether you want to use your Apple iPad Pro as it is or convert it into a laptop/notebook, this technology is still a great option. It is fast, advanced and easy to use. And the biggest factor is that it’s an Apple product!

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