Apple reinventing itself for a prospering journey
Apple reinventing itself for a prospering journey
September 26, 2019
Checking how tough your MacBook pro is
Checking how tough your MacBook pro is?
September 30, 2019
How People Can Rock with Apple Pay

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How People Can Rock with Apple Pay? People were originally not much familiar with the use of Apple pay. PayPal, pay terminals and other payment services were more commonly used. Not even the banks introduced its customers with Apple’s pioneering cashless payment system – the Apple Pay. 

The question was that, a place where credit cards (without sources) hardly existed, how was it possible that Apple Inc. would be successful in launching its game changing service?

Someway, the conjurers in Cupertino area were successful in making the impossible to reality. Within just five years, Apple Pay was one of the most used payment methods. This transformed the perceptions and habits of millions of users, who replaced cash and cards with this remarkable payment method. 

Now, people feel more comfortable in getting their phones and watched swiped at the cash counters for payments. More and more banks are joining the Apple program every year, and new termini are emerging in almost every main shopping chain.

Certainly, in the current times Apple Pay is surely the safest way to shop online and even in a brick-and-mortar shopping environment. 

Here is everything new Apple Pay users must know: 

Scan your debit or credit card to set up Apple Pay:

Apple Pay is amazing and simple, all one needs to do is open the Settings app, roll down and tap Wallet & Apple Pay. Then you can add any of your payment cards (debit or credit) through the Add Card feature. Then, you need to follow all the instructions till a phone’s camera lens appear and asks you to scan your card and complete the Apple Pay setup. 

The amazing thing is that no information needs to be inserted while paying and can be easily used on websites, apps and in-store depots. 

Protect your information with Apple Pay: 

One of the remarkable benefits of Apple Pay is unknown. It has been innovatively designed to keep the users safe from hackers. All the user info is highly protected, as Apple Pay unlike others never uses the customer info while processing payments. 

Direct or demand funds through text messages with Apple Pay

One of the greatest features of Apple Pay can unswervingly benefit users’ family and friends using iPhone. iPhone users can transfer funds to each other in the simplest way: iMessage. 

Apple Pay can be conveniently used at these sites

Apple Pay originally initiated from a small setup, but is eventually expanding to major chains across the nation. So, very soon it will be everywhere. 


Use Apple Pay in Safari for Online Purchases

An uncountable number of business websites make use of Apple Pay for their everyday transactions. Certainly, using Apple Pay for online purchases is a sensible decision. Even if anyone is secretly monitoring the screen, cataloguing keystrokes and interrupting payments it can never challenge Apple Pay’s security as it relies completely over specialty chip. 

Use Apple Pay for Public Transport

Many cities have already been successful in implementing the Apple Pay for public transport. Like Chicago, Portland and Vancouver have been successfully using Apple’s system at their store counters, other metropolitans have successfully added Apple Pay functionality through their mobile apps. Other cities include San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Denver, and Chicago.

Make Use of Apple Pay on Campus

Leading schools and universities have introduced fee payments through Apple Pay to facilitate the students. Presently, University of Alabama, Duke, University of Oklahoma, and Temple University are accepting Apple Pay from their students.

Use Apple Pay to Donate to Charity

Many charity organizations and NGOs accept donation payments through Apple Pay and many are on the list to join this service

Create in-app purchases with Apple Pay

Like people make purchases in Safari, many other applications are permitting users to add in Apple Pay services into their purchasing apps. It is certainly a very safe and secure method to exchange information in an app. 

Link Apple Pay with your Apple Watch

The lucky Apple device users having an iPhone and Apple Watch can easily configure the Apple Pay on their wrists. All you need is to open the app on your watch, choose Wallet and Apple Pay. 

You will also have chance to connect your phone and watch for flawless communiqué at depots. Again, it will be as safe as a cage, now the one-time code will be on your watch instead of phone. 

Apple Pay is allowing USA citizens to enjoying and experiencing the comfort of cashless payments with enhanced security. The news of Apple’s future credit card facilities is exciting the public drastically, as they look forward to see how Apple Inc. will use the technology to transform the way of business on larger scales which was never done before. 

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