Apple’s Smallest Laptop of the Time
Apple’s Smallest Laptop of the Time
January 7, 2020
Macbook air or Macbook pro
Macbook air or Macbook pro
January 14, 2020
How Apple Revolutionized The Laptop Industry

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How Apple Revolutionized The Laptop Industry? Apple introduced its MacBook series in 2006 when the introduced the MacBook after replacing the iBook and their Intel-Apple powered laptops. The first MacBook that came was the 15-inch MacBook Pro in 2006. It had Intel Core CPUs and at that time, was a big hit among the consumer market and the educational market. People started using the MacBook because it was stylish when compared to the other laptops. Not only was it stylish, but it was also efficient and faster than the competitors at the time. Most of the students and business people started carrying the MacBook, and later it became a trend that had a lot of advantages.


Apple MacBook:


Apple had the majority of its sales from the iPhone market, but they decided to introduce the MacBook too. This was one thing that Apple users all around the world needed. Not only Apple’s products are stylish and classy, but they are also very fast when it comes to processing. They are very user-friendly which is why people prefer using their products over everything else.

Apple has transformed the laptop industry. By introducing the MacBook, Apple has completely changed the game. Laptops used to be very basic and ugly. Since the introduction of the MacBook, every company has tried to make its laptops stylish and sleek. This was an effect created by MacBook because they were very classy and stylish, which resulted in more people buying it. Over the years, MacBook has made a huge success in this industry. The success was beneficial for other companies as well as the MacBook tried to change the look and specifications of other laptops too. Over the years, nobody has made such progress, which makes the customers want to buy MacBook only.


Special Features:


Apple gave a lot of features in its MacBook, which made them stand out in the market, among other laptops. They were not just fast and stylish. They also had a lot of other features that made this the number one laptop. It has a Touch Bar, which is just above your keyboard on the screen. This allows you to get shortcuts and app shortcuts and can actually get used to your style and needs. This feature made it very easy for the users to use the laptops as they were provided with shortcuts and easy access right in front of their eyes.

One of the best features of a MacBook is that it offers a very large amount of storage. You can get a MacBook with a storage space of 256GB, and it does not stop there. MacBook can also be upgraded to 512GB with additional charges. These features are beneficial for students and businessmen as they have to deal with heavy files. MacBook rocks the latest Intel Core processor, which allows it to be one of the best in the market. With low heating and high processing speed, it can go up to hours without heating up. This is very beneficial for most of the people they can spend more time on their work without worrying about the MacBook getting heated up.

MacBook also offers the best-LED display in the market. Not only is the resolution high, but the colours are also displayed in a beautiful style. This is the reason most of the architects and people related to art use MacBook. It has a crystal clear display, and the colours are also very bright. When it comes to the keypad experience, MacBook is definitely the best. The keypad is made in such a way that you get used to it in a short amount of style. It is very soft and user-friendly and works very smoothly. It is very useful for people who have a lot of typing work or editing work.




There are many advantages to owning a MacBook. It is the best laptop in the market for a reason.

The MacBook is wonderful and stylish when compared to other laptops. Most of the laptops are very basic and focus on the performance, but a MacBook has both. The metal body is one of the main reason for it being so stylish. Very few laptops in the market offer a metal body. One of the best features is the illuminated keyboard with the best backlight there is. Not only does it provide you to work easily in lowlight but it also gives off a stylish look. The best part about a MacBook is the easy software updates it has. Most of the updates are downloaded automatically and the user does not have to spend time waiting for it to complete so they can resume their work. It also has a fast sleep and wake-up time, which makes it the best in the market.

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