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November 11, 2019
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November 13, 2019
Here is all you need to know about the MacBook Pro design

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Here is all you need to know about the MacBook Pro design, Apple is currently one of the best company when it comes to laptops as it has evolved its computers and has become the trendsetter in the world of computers and laptops. It is the reason due to which every time a new Mac is released there is always a hype in the market. Every time Apple comes up with a new model it ensures it brings something interesting that is different from all other computers in the market. The retina display in macs, touch options and 4K displays in iMacs have made apple the first choice of people all across the globe. Despite having an expensive price tag people all across the globe prefer to go for Apple products because of its innovation and exceptional design.

This year Apple has introduced the all amazing MacBook Pro and everyone is looking forward to it. It is the reason we will be discussing the highlights of the new model and the reasons why should you go for it. A few months back in May, Apple introduced it’s brand new Models with 8th and 9th generation of Intel processors. It is said to be the fastest laptops currently available in the market. This time Apple once again came up with the upgraded MacBook Pro which wasn’t upgraded since 2017. The new entry-level Apple MacBook Pro comes with an amazing 8th generation Intel processor, a touch bar, touch Id and the all remarkable T2 Security Chip. All these features in one small MacBook Pro with a flawless finish is certainly what you will be looking forward to this summer. The new updated Apple MacBook Pro line brings in some amazing specs and features with a minimal price tag of $1299.

The Apple MacBook Pro doesn’t feature any new size and continues to amaze the users with a 13 and 15-inch size configurations. Despite having no external changes in the upgraded 2019 MacBook pro model it is still marked as one of the best laptops out there. It is so because this time the machine features a few important improvements. These improvements have played an important role in ensuring that it does well in the market. Following is the detail of the upgraded features of MacBook Pro 2019.

  • This time the amazing MacBook Pro 2019 features upgraded Intel Processors with 8 core option for 15 inch MacBook Pro. Moreover, the 15-inch model possesses 6 or 8 core 9th generation chips that give some amazing experience of working on a laptop.
  • This tie the amazing 8th generation MacBook Pro with 8 core ensures that it gives two times faster performance as compared to a quad-core MacBook pro. Other analysis states that this time the performance of MacBook Pro is faster than the previous 6 core MacBook Pro.

Along with many other changes, there is another major change to the MacBook Pro which includes the keyboard. The upgraded butterfly keyboard has now taken up the hype as it has been crafted from new material. According to Apple with the implementation of this keyboard, it will be able to cut down key failures that are significantly highlighted on previous MacBook Pro models.

Apart from the updated chip and the amazing butterfly keyboard, there has been no major change in the physical appearance of the MacBook Pro model.

Moving on to the other features we find out that the latest 15-inch MacBook Pro can now support u to 32 GB of RAM. Along with this it also features an amazing OLED Touch Bar with Touch ID that endures with a larger Force Touch Trackpad. Moving ahead we get know that the amazing 15-inch MacBook Pro model features a 4 Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports. All these features certainly make it one of the top choices for laptop buyers across the globe.

The amazing Apple MacBook Pro provides the amazing T2 chip that comes embedded with improved security along with a lot more protected and safe storage capacity. Moreover, this time it also provides you with enhanced support for hands-free Siri commands. Furthermore, the battery life is still supported and there is a Touch ID button for locking and unlocking giving you an extra bit of security that you have never got in Mac before.

Apple has given a completely new direction to people all across the globe. It is the reason due to which it has become one of the top laptop options for people all across the globe. This time it hasn’t come up with an extra bit that it usually comes with every time it introduces something new in regard to the hardware but certainly, the improvement in performance has been one of the biggest factors that will persuade you to buy MacBook Pro 2019 for yourself.

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