Top Reasons To Ditch Windows Laptop & Choose MacBook
Top Reasons To Ditch Windows Laptop & Choose MacBook
December 23, 2020
How To Choose The Right MacBook Air Case
How To Choose The Right MacBook Air Case
December 26, 2020
Finding The Right Power Adapter And Cable For Macs

To begin with, the MacBook is famous for its cutting-edge and innovative technology. Likewise, battery life is something everyone in awe of. For instance, if the MacBook is fully charged once, it’s going to last the entire workday with a bit of Netflix during the break. However, people are still going to need the charger at the end of the day and questions like, “where to buy MacBook Air charger?” are obvious. Finding the Right Power Adapter.

In fact, choosing the right charger is way more important as compared to where to buy the charger from. Similarly, people often question the factors and aspects to consider while finding the correct power adapter and cakes. For this purpose, we have curated this article as it will help you choose the right charging material for your “beloved” MacBook!

Which Power Adapter & Cable Works With MacBook?

Above all, you need to check which power adapters and cables can actually work with your MacBook’s. At the same time, the power adapters for MacBooks are available in 29W, 30W, 45W, 60W, 61W, 85W, 87W, and 96W variants. Specifically, one needs to be mindful of the wattage of the power adapter that you choose for the Mac.

In addition, the users might be able to use the higher wattage power without any issues. On the contrary, it doesn’t guarantee different functionality or faster charging. In the same way, if you use the power adapter with a lower wattage, it won’t transmit sufficient power to the computer. For this reason, MacBook’s that charge with USB-C come with the USB-C power adapter.

Also, the power adapters come with the detachable AC plug, as well as the charging cable. In contrast, if the MacBook uses MagSafe, it comes with the AC cable, detachable AC plug, and MagSafe connector.


To begin with, if you have the MacBook models that were launched in 2015 or later, the 30W or 29W power adapters are usable with USB-C configuration. Further, if the MacBook model is from 2108 or later, the 30W power adapter with USB-C will work. Moreover, in case you’ve 13-inches MacBook Pro models with a 2016 or later launch, a 61W power adapter will be suitable. Finding the Right Power Adapter.

In case you have a 15-inch MacBook Pro model with a 2016 or higher launch year, the 87W power adapter is needed with a USB-C cable. Lastly, if you have the 16-inches MacBook Pro model that was introduced in 2019, you need the 96W power adapter with the USB-C cable.

USB-C Charge Cable

For the most part, the majority of charging performance depends on the USB-C charge cable. Above all, we suggest that you use the charging cable that comes with the MacBook. That’s to say because even with the particularly higher wattage cable, the charging will still be the same. Although, we have seen that USB-C Cables with 30W or 29W will work with the USB-C power adapters without any issues.

However, it will not provide enough power if you connect it to a 61W or higher wattage power adapter. In the first place, you need to verify that you are using the correct USB-C charge cable with the AC adapter and MacBook. In fact, you can check the cable’s authenticity by the serial number printed on the housing.

To illustrate, if the first three characters are FL4 or C4M, the cable is usable for up to 61W. In contrast, if the first characters are G0J, DLC, FTL, or CTC, it is suitable for up to 100W. On the contrary, if there is no serial number on the external housing, you are eligible for the replacement charge cable.

MagSafe 2

Earlier, the chargers were simple but Apple decided to add some tweaks. As a result, Massif was launched. So, in the case of a 15-inches MacBook Pro of models ranging from 2012 to 2015, the 85W MagSafe power adapter is the right choice. In contrast, if you have 13-inches MacBook Pro models from 2012 to 2015, 60W MagSafe with MagSafe 2 style connector will suffice.

Moreover, in case you have MacBook Air models from 2012 to 2017 launches, a 45W MagSafe power adapter is the right choice. Also, make sure that you use the MagSafe 2 style connector.

Adapter Shape

When it comes down to the MagSafe chargers, they are available in T and L shapes with the adapters. At the same time, the charging will depend subsequently on the adapter shape.

L Shape

  • 60W MagSafe power adapter for 13-inches MacBook Pro models
  • 85W MagSafe power adapter for 15-inches and 17-inches models
  • 45W MagSafe power adapter for 11-inches and 13-inches MacBook Air models of up to 2011 models

T Shape

  • 60W MagSafe power adapter for 13-inches MacBook Pro models launched from 2006 to 2009
  • 85W MagSafe power adapter for 15-inches and 17-inches MacBook Pro models launched from 2006 to 2009

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