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September 27, 2019
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How often should you update your mac iOS?
October 5, 2019
Checking how tough your MacBook pro is

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Checking how tough your MacBook pro is? In recent times, with the advancement in the technology the electronic devices are now becoming thinner in size and lighter in weight and people are thinking that because these devices are thin, they have become fragile and needs extra care while using. The reviewers believe that this MacBook Pro is lighter and liner than the previous ones. This MacBook is a well-built in and a durable laptop with quality features. 

There are some parts of the MacBook that are durable and some parts can put you in trouble as there is a lack of user-repairable parts. Even the toughest ones can also be damaged in some circumstances. But you do not need to worry about the MacBook Pro nor need to think that you are wasting your money as Apple Care insurance plan make your investment a solid one. 

Following are some of the points that will give you an insight into how tough and durable your MacBook Pro is.


The MacBook Pro is designed by Apple with an aluminum body that makes it look cleaner and it has the best design as compared to the previous laptops. The body of the MacBook Pro is solid and the chances of its crack are very limited on its fall. The aluminum used in the MacBook Pro’s manufacturing is prone to scratches as compared to other materials. In the MacBook Pro, the battery is connected to the body of the laptop and the RAM is joined to the motherboard that decreases the chances of their break on a fall.


A durable solid-state drive has been used in the MacBook Pro that is better in quality as compared to other hard disk drives in terms of the mechanical damage, especially after a fall. In a standard laptop the HDD can be damaged by any normal or sudden action like by vibration as the laptop has moving parts in the drive thus they cannot bear a slight sudden vibration. In the MacBook Pro, the SSD is flash-based, it decreases your stress and gives you more freedom and relaxation to move around without thinking about or without worrying about the damage to your drive. 


The screen of the MacBook Pro is not too secure as it has no protective layer of the glass. While designing it with a retina display, the Apple Company removed the protective layer from the screen and it increased the risk of damage to the screen. A screen is the most sensitive part of a laptop or a computer a small carelessness or mishandling can damage the screen. The screen of the MacBook Pro is joined with the functions of the system thus, in the case of the screen damage you need to send the whole computer to the Apple Company for the service. 


In recent years there has not been any considerable change done to the unibody design of the MacBook Pro. This unibody design has a reputation for high standards of rigidity. It reveals high torsional rigidity and high resistance to pressure. When pressing down the keyboard, the frame doesn’t bend inwards that is a common design flaw in most of the computers.


The aluminum body of the MacBook Pro plays the role of a shield and protects it from everyday wear and tear. You can easily put your laptop in the bag as its body resists and protects it from scratches and other small dents and dings. The internal structure or hardware of the MacBook Pro is built in a secure way that protects it from the small incidents that might damage the reliability of the hardware of other laptops. 


The design of the MacBook Pro has various advantages but on the other hand, this unibody design has some drawbacks too. Most of the problems accord with replacing the parts or by upgrading the hardware. The replacement of the keys of the keyboard in the MacBook Pro can be more problematic and complicated as compared to other laptops as people are complaining about the problems they are facing in the keyboard of the MacBook Pro. Other than these minor issues, the unibody sustains a high standard for protection and aesthetics.

Bottom Line:

MacBook Pro is a device with great features. If you want to work on a fast and smooth system the MacBook Pro is the best option. It is a fact that it has some problems but these problems are minor as compared to its advantages. It had the best graphics view with retina display technology and have huge storage capacity. It gives you the opportunity to work on a well-designed laptop with great hardware and a processor. After buying the MacBook Pro you will not regret spending a specific amount from your salary or savings to buy this high-quality laptop. 

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