Apple’s MacBook Pro with a Radical Keyboard
Apple’s MacBook Pro with a Radical Keyboard
January 4, 2020
How Apple Revolutionized The Laptop Industry
How Apple Revolutionized The Laptop Industry
January 13, 2020
Apple’s Smallest Laptop of the Time

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A trend of laptops getting reedier, lighter, and minor has emerged and how far will this go?

If you want a laptop for all your diverse needs including work and leisure activities with a flawless experience, then Apple’s MacBook Pro which is certainly superior to its competitor laptops in the market. The reason is its versatile features and great performance.

If it is used with proper care and maintenance it can last for decades, unless new technology strikes.

Apple introduced a smarter and more advanced device for its loyal users – 11 inch MacBook Air, which possesses some remarkable features.


The users who want to enjoy the same features as Apple’s MacBook Pro series but with a more advanced touch can certainly choose for the radical 11-inch MacBook Air. It is teenier, swifter, lighter and much similar to its 13-inches MacBook Pro brother. Besides, its economic cost is a great attraction for the users when combines with the solid-state storage capacity. The Haswell-powered model cannot be rated less than a 5-star by its valued users.


Size (inches)                      Weight (lbs.)

11-inch MacBook Air       11.8 x 7.56 x 0.68             2.38

13-inch MacBook Air       12.8 x 8.94 x 0.68             2.96



  • The latest MacBook Air models have been advanced with a slight upgrade: the aesthetics and an additional microphone positioned at the left edge of the device used for noise cancellation.
  • The 11-inches MacBook Air model is much the same as always featured with black keys and accents fixed on a silver body device. The wedge design is still widely admired by its users.
  • The 11-inches MacBook Air is more valued due to its lighter weight compared to other models and its ability to fit inside a larger machine.
  • Users will have to connect an external USB-to-Ethernet cable and USB hub with the 11-inch MacBook Air model if they want to share files or offload pictures.
  • Users can also enjoy a telescoped palm rest and trackpad
  • The users who are comfortable with limited spaces will have an advantage of using the ultra-smooth and highly responsive 11-inch MacBook Air



The 11-inches MacBook Air features a strong 10 hours plus battery life which phases through prevalent websites and high-res imageries at 65 % glare and brightness when used in Safari. The users can enjoy improved gaming and graphical performance, along with good compatibility of the device with ground-breaking Wi-Fi standards which is due to the pioneering upgrade introduced in the new device.

The new MacBook Air model is certainly swift and smooth in performance compared to previous models. The valued things about the device are the occasional shutter and scrolling jump which are much equal to the GeekBench scores (recorded to be 6,113 on the existing MacBook Air model).

The 11-inches MacBook Air operates the same 1.3GHz Core i5 Haswell processor with 4GB of RAM as the previous models, so there is not much difference in this regard.

The display feature of the new 11-inches MacBook Air model is marginally sharper than the 13.3-inch display on the larger model (recorded to be 135ppi vs. 128),



According to the users, the 11-inches MacBook Air is the best and absolute smallest laptop one can ever wish for.

The great reasons for which users consider purchasing 11-inches MacBook Air model include its incredible battery life, the world-leading keyboard and trackpad, extraordinary performance, and the affordable price. The occasional shutter and scrolling jump are also prized features that motivate people to purchase this valuable device.

The 11-inches MacBook Air model is a quite small and portable model and offers a touch- and tablet-friendly mode to its valued users. This laptop is highly recommended for ordinary and professional users who wish for a compact laptop with revolutionary features without spending extravagantly.

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