What’s Coming Out In 2021 – The Apple Secrets
What’s Coming Out In 2021 – The Apple Secrets
November 12, 2020
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Oleophobic Coating Tips For Better Protection
November 18, 2020
Apple’s Move With Artificial Intelligence

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The world is changing and tech is increasing by leaps and bounds. Similarly, artificial intelligence is a new hot topic and how was it possible that Apple didn’t step into the field? Nevertheless, Apple is stepping into the AI world because every tech giant is pitching this fancy technology to the consumer base. Even so, they weren’t able to hype up the neural network and machine learning, Apple is here to crank up the notch with artificial intelligence.

Conversely, the WWDC 2020 event reflected on how Apple will take the quiet yet smart approach to this new field. For instance, iPadOS, macOS, and iOS have a curation of machine learning. Similarly, this article will provide information about how Apple is sporting artificial intelligence. In short, you will find every speck of artificial intelligence in the Apple features.

Facial Recognition

Above all, the increment of smart home trends drove Apple to the designing and manufacturing of HomeKit. Consequently, Apple’s HomeKit has the curation of smart cameras in the devices. Thus, HomeKit can utilize the tagged photos on your phone to identify the person at the door. In the same way, it announces the name of the person, so it’s all the masterwork of artificial intelligence.

Sleep Tracking

To begin with, if you are a tech-savvy person, we are pretty sure that you would be in love with the Apple Watch. Similarly, the Apple Watch has a native sleep tracking feature with the implication of machine learning. Conversely, the watch will determine the user’s movements to depict if you are sleeping or not. In addition, it helps the watch see if you are dancing (yes, of course!).

Wash Up The Hands

Above all, washing hands is the common practice, right? So, when you use the Apple Watch, it will be able to detect the motion. Even more, when the handwashing sound kickstarts, the watch will initiate the timer. Although you know better, Apple Watch will ensure that you are washing your hands for a suitable duration.

App Library

In the first place, the utilization of artificial intelligence will help with the app library suggestion. In fact, there is a new layout, such as on-device intelligence as a folder that shows the apps. For the most part, these apps are the ones that you are highly likely to need in the coming days. All in all, this is a pretty useful feature, accrediting artificial intelligence even if it’s a small curation.


As compared to other mediocre translation apps, Apple’s translate app promises seamless performance even if there is no internet connection. To illustrate, this app utilizes a mixture of machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect the languages. In the same way, it will promise live translation of the on-going conversations.

Sound Alerts

Recently, Apple launched iOS 14 which created an uproar in the iPhone user base. Consequently, this sound alert accessibility feature is one of the most reliable ones out there. In the first place, the iPhone will be able to listen to the crying babies, barking, doorbells, and sirens.

Handwriting Recognition

For the most part, people struggle to understand who wrote what. With this being said, this handwriting recognition feature is the masterpiece of artificial intelligence. As a result, the users will be able to recognize the images and identify English and Chinese characters.

What’s Not In There?

To begin with, Apple can do much better in the artificial intelligence field and the probable chances of this happening are in Siri. Above all, Siri is heavy on AI, and it particularly witnessed some high-end updates. For instance, there is a new interface in Siri which is a big chance. However, the performance of Siri is a bit low as compared to the AI assistants.

In brief, Apple might not take huge steps in the field of artificial intelligence but they are ready to enhance user convenience. For this reason, we are pretty sure that Apple is promising a high-end performance outcome with these small artificial intelligence perks. Above all, it helps avoid tech-sake updates.

Expansion of Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem

Finally, let us break the ice by telling you that Apple has acquired more artificial intelligent companies over the past one demand as compared to other tech giants. Similarly, Apple acquired Xnor.ai which is a start-up focusing on edgy and low-power tools. Accordingly, this acquisition was about $200 million, according to internal reports.

Even more, a similar amount was paid for Turi that’s a specialized start-up for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Furthermore, Apple acquired Spectral Edge but the agreement cost isn’t for sure. However, these start-up acquisitions are the tip of the iceberg because they have acquired more than ten such companies. In short, Apple is working hard on the expansion of the artificial intelligence ecosystem. As for now, all the upgrades are for the iPhone right now but the future holds better plans!

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