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Apple wants its users to enjoy features of the Xbox Series X controller on their Apple devices

Apple is a successful and popular technology brand that is advancing in every field. Now they are planning to let their users enjoy the Xbox Series X whilst using Apple devices. They are working with Microsoft to provide Xbox Series X along with Series S controller support particularly to iPhones as well as iPads. This will be given in an update. Users will be able to enjoy the Xbox with their Apple devices.

The news popped up in less than two weeks succeeding the Xbox Series X along with Series S release into the market. This shows that Apple wants to let people enjoy controller support on devices. The iOS 14.3 was released a few days before and this has signs of PS5’s DualSense controller support.

At the moment these new controllers tend to not be officially supported within iOS and iPad.

Should we be hopeful?

This is not the first initiative of Apple collaborating with Microsoft on an Xbox feature. When the year began, they worked together with Microsoft to bring support for the popular Xbox Elite 2 controller so that it can be compatible with Apple devices. The procedure took nearly a full year to complete. We hope that this will not be the case with the Xbox Series X controller.

When Apple allowed support for Xbox One along with PlayStation 4 controllers and also various MFi-enabled choices, these have been popular amongst players. They can relax and unwind whilst enjoying games that can be played with controller support.

Therefore, Apple wants to continue advancing in this field as its users like this and is interested in it.

It is not confirmed how much time Apple will take to certify the Series X controllers; however, DualSense support may arise soon.

Currently, some iOS games support the Xbox One controller. Some of the games that it supports include Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Crazy Taxi City Rush, Earth Atlantis, Beach Buggy Blitz, amongst others. Apple wants its users to enjoy features.

Effects of this support

If the Xbox Series X and Series S controller support occur then those with iOS will be able to include another exciting gamepad choice. Some iOS titles do provide on-screen touch controls, but by including a controller for certain games such as shooters, battle royales, etc. this can make them more enjoyable in a significant way.

About Apple and Microsoft

Apple Inc. tends to be an American technology company. It is a multinational one that has its headquarters in Cupertino which is in California. They design, create and sell mostly expensive consumer electronics, software, as well as online services. It is a huge technology brand. Its popular hardware merchandise is the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple Tv, and Air Pods. Some software that they have created is macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, iTunes, iPadOS, and the Safari web browser, amongst others. They are known across the globe and are famous for their products.

Microsoft Corporation is also an American multinational company. It is a huge technology brand that has headquarters within Redmond, Washington. They develop, manufacture, license, sell as well as support computer software, electronics, and computers, along with connected services. Some of their software includes Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office suite, Internet Explorer, etc. Its famous hardware merchandise includes the Xbox video game consoles, Microsoft Surface touchscreen personal computers.

Therefore, both technology giants are huge and are increasing in the technology area. They are making the lives of people easier and more enjoyable with their products.

Microsoft and Apple collaboration

These businesses have a history of working together. They have also been in disputes arguing about one another copying each other. Sometimes, often behind the scenes, both have functioned together upon various technology initiatives whereby both have gotten mutual gains.

They are working to counter their common enemy, i.e. Google.

Some of their collaboration includes the iPhone app running on Windows Azure in 2013. In 2012 Bling also integrated within iOS.

As stated above they are working on controller compatibility as well.

Popularity of Xbox

Xbox is a popular consumer electronics. It is a video gaming brand that was made by Microsoft. Which can be connected to the television and other display media. It gives users amazing graphics when it comes to playing games.

The future looks bright for both Apple and Microsoft. Its Known that the Xbox Series X controller support for Apple devices will happen soon and not take as long as the last controller support. Both businesses are working to gain profits for themselves and provide users with a wonderful experience. The controller support will allow people to enjoy playing games with their Apple devices. The games will be more enjoyable. This will be a positive step for both technology brands. Apple wants its users to enjoy features.

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