Air Pods: Top-notch wireless headphones for you
Air Pods Top-notch wireless headphones for you
September 23, 2019
Apple reinventing itself for a prospering journey
Apple reinventing itself for a prospering journey
September 26, 2019
Apple Products an Investment or Waste Of Money?

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Apple Products an Investment or Waste Of Money? There’s always been a great hype about the Apple products especially Apple iPhones and Mac’s in the tech market. Apple has one of the biggest customer/consumer lists and each year Apple makes a huge revenue. Most people prefer buying apple products especially its laptops because of their popularity. 


The question here is are apple products really an investment? Is it worth spending money on expensive Apple products? Well, whether you should buy Apple products or not it depends on three factors mainly; your preference, your needs, and your budget. But if you want to know is spending money on expensive Apple Products is an investment or not, then it’s a different story. 


The formula to determine whether Apple Products are an investment or a waste of money, you need to look at the different aspects. It means you have to weigh both the pros & cons of the product. If the benefits outweigh the cons, it simply means that its an investment or vice versa. 


Hence this article provides an overview of both the pros and cons of the Apple products. After reading this article you will be able to decide on your own, that should you spend money on Apple Products or not.


Factors That Makes Apple Products Worth Buying


We are not out ruling the fact that some people buy Apple products because they are brand conscious and Apple is a huge & popular tech brand. But this is not the only reason why people prefer Apple over other tech brands. Apple always brings innovative upgrades and features in its products which is why people love Apple. 


With its amazing, unique features and upgrades Apple has created a competitive market for other brands. Here are a few of the benefits of buying Apple Products:


  • Portable:

Apple products are portable. It doesn’t mean that the products of other tech brands such as Del or hp are not portable. It simply means that Apple tries to keep its products lightweight. And unlike other tech brands, Apple products be it the laptops, iPhones or Mac Books, Apple keeps the models slim. You can easily carry Apple products anywhere. 

  • Secure & Stable:

Apple users have a perception that Apple Products are more secure as compared to other tech brands. And this fact is 110% true. Apple has introduced built-in security features in its products. Apple products are secure in almost every aspect. Be it about the data theft, device hacking, device theft or any other security issue, Apple provides a solution for everything. Apple products are not prone to malware and other viruses due to built-in anti-virus and if unfortunately, you lose your device, you can secure your data from icloud. On the other hand, Apple products are more stable in respect of performance and working. 

  • Sleek and Brilliant Design:

When it comes to the design and style, Apple always delivers sleek, lavish and brilliant product designs. In addition to design, Apple also selects beautiful colors which go perfect with the products such as rose gold, silver, space grey, red, etc. 

  • Reliable & Durable:

Apple does not compromise on the quality of its products. The material used to manufacture the Apple products is of high quality, which provides a longer, durable useful life to its products. When you compare the quality and useful life of Apple products with others, you will notice that Apple products are surely more durable. 


Moreover, Apple is a reliable company, that provides warranty and guarantee for its products. Apple offers a return & exchange policy for its consumers, in case they get a damaged piece. 

  • Efficient:

In addition to the quality, Apple products also provide high performance. All Apple devices are efficient and their operates fast. Apple devices do not freeze unless there is an issue. 

  • Less Prone To Failure & Crash:

One of the reasons that make Apple products worth buying is that these are less prone to any crash & failures. Unlike the windows systems(Microsoft), OS and iOS do not get corrupted. It means there is no need to install and reinstall the software over and over again. 

Cons Of Buying Apple Products

Though Apple offers a number of amazing features and specs, there still are some disadvantages to buying Apple products. Here are the only disadvantages of purchasing Apple products:

  • Hardware:

There is no doubt that Apple offers one of the best software in the tech market. But when it comes to its hardware, apple lacks behind other tech brands. Apple products especially its laptops and Mac books do not offer a variety of hardware specs. 

  • Limited Storage Space:

Unlike other devices, Apple offers limited storage space. Once the storage is full, you either have to delete some of the data or upgrade it. Apple does not provide free space, and users have to purchase it from the Apple store. Further, the space you purchased from Apple is still not enough. 

  • Over-priced & Expensive:

One of the biggest drawbacks of Apple products is that they are very expensive. All Apple products including iPhones, iPads, smartwatches, Mac Book, etc, are expensive. It is not wrong to say that Apple products are over-priced. Which makes it difficult for most of the people to buy. 


With so many advantages and amazing features of Apple products, we can say that it is absolutely not a waste of your money to buy Apple products. But if you are a gamer or someone who needs large storage space and great hardware, plus something affordable then Apple might not be the right choice for you!

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