How often should you update your mac iOS
How often should you update your mac iOS?
October 5, 2019
Here is all we need to know about MacBook Air 2019
Here is all we need to know about MacBook Air 2019
October 10, 2019
Apple Has Dropped MAC SSD Upgrade Prices

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Apple Has Dropped MAC SSD Upgrade Prices, Everybody knows that Apple is one of the best tech companies that deliver High-end products. Whether it’s about product design, quality, software, portability, features or accessories, Apple has always been innovative.


When we talk about Apple products especially its Mac computer series (Macbooks and iMacs), Apple has delivered remarkable features and software updates for its consumers. The only flaw or drawback of Apple Macs is the storage. Well, that’s not a flaw either, but it is that Macbooks and iMacs do not come with large storage, and their storages get filled easily. 


Though Apple provides the Mac SSD Upgrade option to its users, it is quite expensive. We all know that Apple products don’t come cheap, and when the consumer has to spend more money after paying a huge amount to buy the product, it’s upsetting. 


But wait, don’t be disappointed. If you are an Apple Mac user then you must read this article. There is great news for the Apple Mac users and believe it people its hundred percent authentic! The source for this news is none other than Apple itself. 

Low Cost Higher-End Mac Solid State Storage Options:

Apple has just launched a refresher for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro at the start of July. But that’s not the only new we have for you. In addition to this, Apple has also announced that it has reduced the prices/cost for the Mac Solid State Storage upgrades. Yes, you are reading it right, you can upgrade the SSD storage for your Mac computers at a reduced price. 


The only thing that was disturbing and upsetting for most of the Apple Mac consumers was its limited storage & expensive storage upgrade options. Though it took a while for Apple to realize that it should provide a solution for the storage upgrade, Apple has tried its best to resolve the issue for the consumers. 

How Much Are The Prices Now?

It is definitely great news for the Apple consumers but now you must be wondering how much Apple has reduced the prices? Most people would be thinking that Apple has just reduced the prices by 5% to 10% only. Well, that’s not the case. 

You would be shocked to hear this that Apple has reduced the Mac SSD Storage upgrade prices to half for different configurations. Isn’t it amazing? Apple consumers are loving the fact that Apple has announced a huge price reduction on the storage options. Let’s take a quick glance at the previous and current storage upgrade prices. 

  • Storage Options:

Apple has four different storage options or levels for its different Macbook and iMac models Here is the analysis of all the Storage upgrade option for you:

  • MacBook Air Storage Options

When it comes to Macbook Air storage options, Apple has not only reduced the prices but also made changes in the upgrade options. Before July 2019, the storage plan was 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1.5TB. But now the 1.5TB has been replaced by 1TB and it cost $400 only.Further, you can now upgrade your Macbook Air to 1Tb from its 128GB base capacity in just $600.

  •  Macbook Pro: 

If you have the 15-inch Macbook Pro with a base capacity of 256 GB SSD, then you would be happy to know about the price reduction in storage options. The storage prices for:


  • 512 Gb: Previously was $200, Now $200
  • 1Tb: Previously was $600, Now $4002
  • Tb: Previously was $1200, Now $800
  • 4Tb: Previously was $3000, Now $1600
  • iMac Pro:

For iMac pro Apple has reduced the high-end 4Tb SSD upgrades prices from $2400 to $1200.

Is This Offer For All Apple Products?

Storage has always been an issue for all the Apple product lines, be it an iPhone, iPad or Apple computers. But Apple has only reduced the prices for its Mac SSD storage options. The reason behind is very simple. When we talk about iPhones and iPads, the base capacity of these devices is enough to support the apps, data and other software upgrades very easily. It is very rare when people need to upgrade their phone’s storage.


Moreover, the cost of storage upgrade options for Apple phones and iPads are cheaper as compared to the Mac SSD upgrade options. Hence it was not necessary to reduce the storage prices for the iPhones & iPads and therefore Apple only dropped the SSD storage upgrade prices for Apple Macs, notebooks and desktops. 


Apple has definitely made SSD upgrade more cost-effective and cost-saving for its consumers. With these changings in the Apple SSD prices, Apple has made its products once again more competitive. People can now have better build-to-order options. Though the prices changes are very significant for the Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and iMac Pro, Apple hasn’t made any significant changes in the SSD upgrade for Mac mini. Now you can buy 2TB SSD for your Mac Mini in $1000 which was previously available for $1400, while the prices for other SSD sizes for Mac mini remain unchanged. 

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