January 1, 2020
Apple’s MacBook Pro with a Radical Keyboard
Apple’s MacBook Pro with a Radical Keyboard
January 4, 2020
An insight about Apple’s software

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  • Overview

An insight about Apple’s software, macOS Mojave is a desktop operating system for macintosh computer. Apple Inc. has developed and released it on September 24, 2018. This software has fetched different iOS apps on the desktop which comprises of voice memos, home and Apple news. It is also the last version of macOS to support 32-bit application software. Different features are added and updates are provided through point releases after its launch.


  • System demands and compatibilities

All the systems running macOS High Sierra are not capable of upgrading to macOS Mojave. Some features might not even work on all compatible models. The list of mac computers running OS X Mountain Lion that are compatible with Mojave is as follows:

  • Mid 2012 or later: MacBook Air which includes non-Retina models
  • Late 2012 or later: Mac Mini and iMac
  • Late 2013 or later: Mac Pro
  • Early 2015 or later: MacBook
  • iMac Pro
  • Mid 2010 or mid-2012 models Mac Pro require a Metal-capable GPU to be compatible with this OS.

To upgrade from OS X El Capitan, macOS Sierra, or macOS High Sierra Mojave requires at least 2 GB of RAM and 12.5 GB of available disk space or 18.5 GB of disk space to update from OS X Yosemite and earlier releases.

  • Features

Mojave has brought several tremendous new features alongside many updates in existing apps. The list of new features this OS provides is as follows:

  • Dark Mode

Mojave has a dark mode which spreads throughout the whole system. It applies from the menu bar and docs to all of your windows and filters. Even the programming app,  Xcode, also operates in this mode. This mode is great for working and easy on the eyes for innovative professionals.

To enable this mode go to the general section of system preferences and select the one that has a darker display. The normal lighter interface is also offered in it for users who don’t like dark mode.


  • Dynamic Desktop

This new feature has been developed for desktop wallpapers. It provides users with a new look on desktop throughout the day.


This software provides with the dynamic desktop option in a system update. Enable location services for this feature to work because location services provide information about local time.


  • Stack

This new feature of Mojave can arrange and classify all the random files on your desktop into several small collections directly based on their type, date or tag. This feature saves users from disordered and confusing desktops.

To enable this feature go to view then finder and then choose ‘use stack’. Then, if you right-click on the desktop you can select the option to construct stacks, that is, by kind, date created, or tags etc.


  • Redesigned and upgraded mac app store

Apple has redesigned the mac app store from ground up for this OS. It has provided this new app store with a modernized interface which has several tabs. These tabs include discover, create, work, play and develop tabs to explore more the apps users don’t have before the purchase. There are also autoplay videos and articles available now which give app’s preview.


  • Improved screenshot tools

The improved screenshot tools of this software have made it easier to record our screens now. It provides users with standard screenshot taking and editing options as well as new screen recording options. Screen recording options include record full screen or just its selected portion.


  • Continuity camera

This feature makes users capable of taking the picture from their iPhone or iPad and automatically transferring it to the mac into any app of their choice.


To use this feature go to edit then insert from your iPhone or iPad and then choose to take the photo or scan the document. After this, the camera will activate automatically then take the picture and click use photo which will insert the picture in the selected app.


  • Enhancements in finder
  • Gallery view

Now there is a new view mode for the gallery. It has a large preview at the top and thumbnails at the bottom.

  • Sidebar

Now a sidebar is available in every view mode of finder which provides metadata about the files.

  • Quick Action

This feature is used to make quick changes and amendments in your files based on the file type.

  • Quick Look

This feature allows you to preview and make changes in your file without exiting quick look mode.


  • Security Enhancement

With Mojave Apple provides users with better security and more control over data protection. All apps must get your consent before accessing camera, microphone or mail database.

Latest updates in Mojave have also brought fixes for many existing bugs. These bugs include the problem that can cause mac to hang when it restarts, the issue that can make full video black when it appeared on-screen and several other bugs.

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