Technical specifications of MacBook air
Technical specifications of MacBook air
December 4, 2019
Apple’s Camera focused feature is revolutionizing
Apple’s Camera focused feature is revolutionizing
December 9, 2019
A Full Mouse Support Would Be a Game Changer For iPad Gaming

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A Full Mouse Support Would Be a Game Changer For iPad Gaming, IPads are used all around the world by people who have been using iPads since the start. Some people have recently switched to the iPad because of the super-fast speed and processing abilities. Other than that, the iPad is also preferred by gamers. Gaming requires a small but speedy setup, whether you are a streamer or just someone playing for fun. You can’t afford to play on a device that lags a lot or has slow processing speed and is a very old device. Hence this is one of the main reasons iPad is widely known as the best gaming device. The best thing about it is its size; you can carry the lightweight iPad or put it on your lap. But being such a good device for gaming, the iPad still has its disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is that there is no full mouse support in iPads. Thousands of people globally criticized this, and Apple finally decided to listen to them. In the recent iOS 13, Apple gave the option of attaching a mouse to the iPad. And people are very happy with this upgrade.

What is Full Mouse Support?

Full mouse support is an option that is given by the device creators to attach additional hardware with the iPad. Apple recently gave this attachment option to its iPad upgrades. Now, with the update of iOS 13, you will be able to attach a mouse with the iPad, which would ease things for gamers as well as the daily users. There are different options of using the iPad now, and the people who are old school can use a mouse too now. But there is one problem since it is an alternate of the touch function; there is a big circle displayed that tells people where the cursor is, and there is no way of removing it because the full mouse support is replacing the touch function.

Advantages of a Full Mouse Support:

There are a lot of advantages of having full mouse support on the iPad. The biggest advantage comes to all the iPad gaming communities. Having a mouse makes gaming way more fun and friendly. Games like Call of Duty and PUBG have more uses of the mouse as you have to move the camera a lot. Introducing this, the iPad might have changed the gaming community altogether as more and more people would be attracted to the iPad now. With fast processors, ample disk space, zero heating up, and now the additional mouse support, there is no way gamers could stay away from playing on the iPads. The combination of touch and mouse could prove very beneficial and fun. There are numerous other games that people play on iPad that are very hard or not that much fun while using it on the touch screens, but since the full mouse support option is here, people would have a lot of fun and would try other games on iPad too. This would also be an additional benefit for professional games and streamers who have played all their lives on iPads and would now enjoy even more. With the iPad having such great displays and colors, this could really have a big effect on the gaming community.

How to activate it?

Although Apple has introduced the full mouse control, it has made sure that the feature is hidden well enough in the settings. However, people have found ways to activate full mouse control, and it is very easy. Here is a short guide on how to activate it:

  1. Open
  2. Scroll and find the Accessibility
  3. Under Accessibility, you will find the Physical and Motor tab, touch, and open it.
  4. Select Touch.
  5. Turn on the Assistive Touch and open it.
  6. Scroll and open Pointing Devices.
  7. Open Bluetooth Devices.
  8. Pair your mouse with your iPad and use 0000 as the pairing pin, and you will be good to go.

How it Works and How to Use it?

The full mouse support works as an alternate for the touch function, which means that around cursor will always be displayed. When you click on the mouse, the action works as a touch command on the iPad, and that thing is selected. Setting up a wired mouse is easier than connecting a Bluetooth mouse to the iPad.

All you have to do is activate your mouse in the settings, and once it is connected, you are good to go. But this does not mean that additional features are available. IPad will respond as it did on the touch function, and if you click on something that does not affect if you touch it, there will be no result.

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