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September 19, 2019
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3 Solid Reasons To Wait For New iMac Pro 2

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3 Solid Reasons To Wait For New iMac Pro 2, Apple has revived the desktop-computer market by launching brand new iMac Pro desktop computers. The iMacs which are available today in the market are better in every aspect as compared to the other desktop systems, and even the base-line iMacs. To maintain the sales of iMac, Apple smartly introduced brilliant features in its software. With these features, the iMac is fast, efficient and have high performance. 


Though Apple has improved its current iMac Pro models and they are better than the base-line models, there is still some innovations and upgrades needed to make iMac perfect fit for modern times. Hence Apple has been working on its iMac Pro and it has decided to launch a new iMac series known as ‘iMac Pro 2 (2019)’. 


With this announcement, the consumers have been thinking whether they should buy the iMac today or wait for the iMac Pro 2 to be launched? It’s a fair question because there is no point in waiting for the new iMac model if it has the same features and specs as the current models. But before we could jump on conclusions, let’s take a closer look at the features and updates that Apple is going to launch in its new iMac Pro 2 model. 

What’s New In  2019 iMac Pro 2? 

The rumors about the release of a new iMac model were spread in 2017 which Apple also confirmed. But Apple only confirmed that it is working on the display of the iMac and thinking to introduce a better display iMac model. There was nothing for 2 years, until now. Apple is going to release its new iMac Pro model in 2019 with a better display and other features. 


The new 2019 iMac Pro is supposed to have the following features. 

  • More Powerful Processors:

When it comes to the processing power of iMac, even the current models of iMac are perfectly amazing. The iMac Pro has the 8th- and 9th- generation intel processors which provide high & efficient performance. But intel has even more powerful processors now and which is why you should wait a little bit more. Because Apple is going to introduce the latest intel core processors in its new iMac Pro 2 models. 


Apple is going to introduce a 6-core processor in its 2019 iMac Pro 2 mode. Further, it is also thinking to add its own processor the T2 in the 2019 iMac Pro 2. Not only this, with the launch of intel Sunny Cove processors in December 2019, Apple is also expected to introduce this processor in its 2019 iMac models as well. 

  • Better Display and More Storage:

So far Apple has introduced the 5K display and the 2018 iMac Pro comes with a retina-display with ‘4096 by 2304’ and ‘5120 by 2880 resolution. Well guess what, Apple has been working on the iMac’s display and it is expected that there’s going to be a 8K display with an amazing anti-glare resolution in the 2019 iMac pro 2. 


Apple is not just upgrading the processor and display of its iMac. Instead, there are also rumors about upgrading the storage i-e the RAM in the 2019 iMac Pro 2. Though not confirmed people are expecting potential support for DDR4 RAM. further, Apple is also considering to introduce a hardware feature that will enable the consumers to switch the hard-drives to SSD storage. 

  • Longer Durability and Useful Life:

If you are someone who loves tech-devices that last longer than 5 years then we recommend you to wait for the new iMac Pro 2019. Yes, the new iMac Pro 2, 2019 is going to be the best version of the iMac computer-line. Not only people are going to enjoy spectacular features but this new iMac will last longer than the older versions. Apple used such a design, software and components which are more durable and provides a better & longer useful to iMac. 

There’s Going To Be Discounts After The Launch 

Whether you are considering to buy an iMac 4K, 5K, iMac Pro or iMac Pro mini all these computers are quite expensive. But the great news is when Apple will launch its brand new iMac Pro 2, 2019, there will be a price decline for these iMac models. As it is common practice whenever a tech brand launches a new model for its product line, it offers a discount on its previous models to encourage sales. 


Hence if you are currently running low on a budget and you want to buy an iMac, it’s better to wait a little more because prices are definitely going down when the new iMac is going to be launched. Moreover, even if you are someone who can afford the iMac on its real prices it’s still better to wait for the new 2019 version of iMac as it is more cost-effective and efficient. 


Now you know what is coming next in the iMac 2019 and it’s totally up to you now to decide whether you should wait or buy the current iMac models. Even if you are going to buy the current iMac models, it is still a better choice anyway. 

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